• C. Andrew Doyle / IX Bishop of Texas email

    • C. Andrew Doyle photo

      Bishop Andy oversees and is the chief pastor for more than 78,000 Episcopalians in the Diocese of Texas and for 400 clergy working in 163 congregations, schools, chaplaincies, and institutions.

      facebook: texas bishop twitter: texasbishop

      office: 713.520.6444

  • Joe Chambers / Chief of Staff email

    • Joe Chambers photo

      Joe leads Bishop Doyle’s administrative and communication staff and supports the Bishop in the amplification of the vision throughout the Diocese.

      office: 713.353.2145

  • Héctor F. Monterroso / Bishop Assistant / South Region email

    • Héctor F. Monterroso photo

      Bishop Hector was born in Guatemala and was Bishop of Costa Rica for 14 years before he came to the Diocese of Texas to help Bishop Andy Doyle. Bishop Hector visits congregations primarily in the southern region of the Diocese of Texas. He also works to grow a multicultural presence in our congregations and helps find people in our Hispanic congregations who may want to become a deacon or priest. 

      facebook: twitter:

      office: 713.520.6444

  • Millie Longoria / Executive Assistant to Bishop Monterroso email

    • Millie Longoria photo

      Millie offers administrative support to Bishop Assistant Hector Monterroso. She also serves the Office of the Bishop as the Recorder of Ordinations, assists with clergy licensing, chaplains’ ecclesiastical endorsement, and she offers other support as needed.

      office: 713.353.2146

  • John A. Logan, Jr / Secretary of the Diocese email

    • John A.  Logan, Jr photo

      John prepares Volume I of the Annual Diocesan Council Journal, attends and records minutes of the Diocesan Council meeting and prepares Volume II of the Journal of that Council. He also attends and records minutes of the Executive Board and assists the Bishop of Texas.

  • Joseph Roberts / Receptionist email

    • Joseph Roberts photo

      Joseph is responsible for directing all incoming calls to the appropriate staff members. He also manages room reservations for all meetings held at the Diocesan Center; reservations can be made three years in advance.

      office: 713.520.6444



  • Kathryn M. Ryan / Bishop Suffragan/ West Region email

    • Kathryn M. Ryan photo

      Bishop Suffragan Kathryn M. Ryan serves as Regional Bishop in the West Region of the Diocese, overseeing pastoral and administrative needs in the region. She is the Executive for Ministry, overseeing the Commission on Ministry and the ordination process. She is also the Executive for World Mission and chairs the boards of the following diocesan institutions: El Buen Samaritano, St. Stephen's School, and Seminary of the Southwest. Nationally, she serves on the board of Episcopal Relief & Development and on the Disciplinary Board for Bishops.

  • Ana Gonzales May / Assistant to Commission on Ministry email

    • Ana Gonzales May photo

      Ana provides administrative support to the executive for ministry for the Commission on Ministry activities.  She maintains application files for all nominees for ordination as well as manages the application process for nominees to seminary, bi-vocational, and deacon ordination tracks.

      office: 512.478.0580



  • Jeff W. Fisher / Bishop Suffragan / East Region email

    • Jeff W. Fisher photo

      Bishop Jeff serves as the Regional Bishop of the East Region of the Diocese.  He is the Executive for Pastoral Ministry and is responsible throughout the diocese for pastoral care to clergy and their families, including retired clergy and surviving spouses.  He oversees congregational and administrative needs in the East Region.  He serves as chair of the boards of St. James House in Baytown and St. Vincent’s House in Galveston and works with several diocesan ministries such as the Episcopal Church Women (ECW), Altar Guild, and Daughters of the King.  He also serves on the board of All Saints’ Episcopal School in Tyler, oversees Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, and approves grants under the Clergy Sabbatical Program.

      office: 866.579.6012

  • Kathy Dunn / Executive Assistant to Bishop Fisher email

    • Kathy Dunn  photo

      Kathy schedules Bishop Fisher’s visitations, meetings and other appointments and makes his travel arrangements.  She assists with physician referrals for clergy, parishioners, and their family members.  She plans and coordinates attendance at Little Church Club meetings, annual retreats for Retired Clergy, Spouses and Surviving Spouses of Clergy, and Planning for Tomorrow Conferences.  She also communicates information for the Bishop to the East Region for the Diocese.

      office: 866.579.6012


Business Services

  • Bertha Neal-Eley / Business Services Manager email

    • Bertha Neal-Eley photo

      Bertha oversees the day-to-day operations of the Diocesan offices and their physical plant, manages the business affairs of the diocese including insurance and operational matters. She works closely with the CFO, Finance leadership team and Ministry Staff to implement the Vision of the Diocese of Texas.


      office: 832.240.2344


Camp Allen Conference and Retreat Center

  • George Dehan / President of Camp Allen email

    • George Dehan photo

      George leads in fulfilling the mission of offering quality programs and Christian hospitality to the thousands of guests and campers who come to the facility annually.  The job of fulfilling that mission is to work within a $5 million budget while creating a strategy to increase awareness of the summer camp program, adult education programs, ecological programs, and giving opportunities available at Camp Allen.

      facebook: twitter: CampAllen

      office: 936.825.7175



  • Christine M. Faulstich / Canon to the Ordinary email

    • Christine M. Faulstich photo

      Christine serves as COO, leading the ministry staff of the Diocese to support and implement the vision of the Diocese. She is involved with canonical Revised Title IV work, assisting the Bishop’s work with clergy discipline and other disciplinary matters. She also mentors rectors, clergy new to the Diocese, bi-vocational priests, transitional deacons, pastoral leaders, pastoral leader interns, and interim clergy.

      office: 713.353.2117

  • Kathryn Herman / Executive Assist to Canon to the Ordinary email

    • Kathryn Herman photo

      Kathryn assists Canon Faulstich in her work as COO and in the various areas of transition ministry including clergy transition, congregations involved in a search process, placement for seminary-track curates and bi-vocational pastoral leaders, discipline issues, and orientation for new clergy. She is responsible for maintaining the Clergy Supply List and the Clergy Manual and informing the Diocese of significant changes therein. Kathryn also manages Canon Faulstich's calendar.

      office: 713.353.2121



  • Tammy Lanier / Director of Communications email

    • Tammy Lanier photo

      Tammy manages the Communications department, overseeing all communications-related functions, for the Diocese of Texas. She and her team are responsible for the messaging, imaging and branding, and all other facets of communications. The goal of the department is to ensure that the mission and vision of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas are clear across all communication platforms by executing initiatives and campaigns to create awareness, primarily centered around those two elements. She and her innovative group support the departments and entities within the diocese, helping them to realize multi-faceted goals related to diocesan work.


      facebook: twitter: TexasDiocese

      office: 713.353.2140

      cell: 832.740.2694

  • Paulette E. Martin / Hispanic Communications Specialist email

    • Paulette E. Martin photo

      Paulette serves as the communication liaison between the Diocese and the Hispanic congregations in the Diocese of Texas. She scouts and covers stories that are relevant within the Hispanic communities. She contributes to the website by writing articles and assists in updating the Diocese’s social media. She also helps to produce audio and video.

      facebook: twitter: TexasDiocese

      office: 713.353.2105

      cell: 832.454.8020



  • Russ Oechsel, Jr. / Archdeacon email

    • Russ Oechsel, Jr. photo

      Russ is responsible for convening the community of deacons biannually.  He is responsible for placing deacons in congregations following their graduation from the Iona School for Ministry.  He is also responsible for deacons’ pastoral care and assists with their continuing education.  He teaches several times per year at the Iona School and oversees chapel services at The Diocesan Center in Houston. 

      office: 713.520.6444


disaster recovery

  • Stacy Stringer / Director of Hurricane Recovery email

    • Stacy Stringer photo

      Stacy supports the Harvey Recovery mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas by leveraging the gifts of our congregations to enable recovery of the homes and lives of the elderly, disabled and impoverished people affected by the storm in our region. She helps facilitate the recovery of communities where we live, work and worship through our partnership with Episcopal Relief & Development. Kécia also helps develop new connections and grow community resilience for future crises by serving in a relational capacity with survivors and partnering with multiple types of organizations.

      office: 713.353.2106

  • Kécia Mallette / Harvey Program Manager email

    • Kécia Mallette photo

      Kécia oversees and coordinates work necessary to accomplish our mission so that appropriate needs are met and homes are left in a safe, secure and sanitary condition. She supports the Harvey Recovery mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas by leveraging the gifts of our congregations to enable recovery of the homes and lives of the elderly, disabled and impoverished people affected by the storm in our region. She works alongside the Harvey Project Manager.

      cell: 409.795.8782


Episcopal Health Foundation

  • Elena Marks / President and Chief Executive Officer

    • Elena Marks photo

      Elena leads the Episcopal Health Foundation, which was established through the 2013 transfer of the St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to Catholic Health Initiatives. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that operates as a supporting organization of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas pursuant to Section 509(a)(3)(B)(i) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation works to improve the health and well-being of the 10 million people in the 57 counties of the Diocese.

      facebook: twitter: Health4Texas

      office: 713.225.0900



  • Linda Riley Mitchell, CPA / Chief Financial Officer email

    • Linda Riley Mitchell, CPA photo

      Linda coordinates the Financial Services team and oversees the finances of the Diocese. She supervises the accounting function through his work with the controller and the management of the diocesan foundations through the Director of Foundations. She reports to the Finance Committee of the Executive Board in managing the finances of the Diocese including developing the budgets, managing cash flow, and reporting results. She also consults with diocesan institutions and congregations regarding their financial concerns, banking issues, accounting systems and investment options. She functions as the finance resource to the Bishop’s staff.

      office: 713.353.2123

  • Ashley Mendez / Executive Assistant to CFO email

    • Ashley Mendez photo

      Ashley’s responsibilities include assisting congregations in their responsibility and accountability for the stewardship of their finances and property, assisting churches, schools, and institutions in obtaining religious property tax exemptions, providing 501(c)(3) letters, and assisting in the processing of articles of incorporation and bylaws.

      office: 713.353.2116

  • David Fisher / Director of Foundations email

    • David Fisher photo

      David directs the administration, accounting, and asset management activities of the foundations of the Diocese that includes investments, mineral interests, and real estate holdings. He also provides consulting services and support to the Office of the Treasurer, the Office of the Bishop and churches throughout the Diocese. Mr. Fisher acts as liaison to the Episcopal Foundation of Texas, the Bishop Quin Foundation, the Great Commission Foundation, the Episcopal Health Foundation, and the Church Corporation (which holds title to all real estate property in the Diocese) regarding all property acquisitions, building projects, and the sale of property.

      office: 713.353.2109

      cell: 713.899.9174

  • Angela Smith / Executive Assistant to Director of Foundations email

    • Angela Smith photo

      Angela assists the Director of Foundations to manage the business flow of the Church Corporation, the Bishop Quin Foundation, the Episcopal Foundation of Texas, and The Great Commission Foundation. This involves working closely with foundation board members, congregations in the Diocese, Diocesan staff, and outside professionals that provide ongoing services to the foundations (investments, real estate, oil and gas, insurance, and banking.) Angela coordinates all regular meetings of the foundations and is involved in the processing of grants made by the foundations.

      office: 713.353.2103

  • Jonathan Blaker / Director of Treasury email

    • Jonathan Blaker photo

      Jonathan is responsible for managing the cash flow, investments, real estate, capital projects, debt, and risk of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and its related entities. He is responsible for leadership in capital planning and financing. Jonathan develops innovative approaches, processes, and services to support mission and growth strategies. He also sustains positive and productive professional relationships with financial institutions, foundations, churches, and related entities.

      office: 713.353.2134

      cell: 281.701.3153

  • Andre Kierkiewicz, CPA / Controller email

    • Andre Kierkiewicz, CPA photo

      Andre is responsible for the diocesan budget, as well as annual assessments. He is also responsible for financial reporting to the Executive Board and Finance Committees for the Diocese and foundations, establishment and monitoring of internal controls, oversight of accounts receivable, accounts payable and staff payroll. He coordinates the annual external audit, is a resource for tax-related questions (charitable contributions, clergy compensation, etc.) and for guidance in congregational financial matters.

      office: 713.353.2139

      cell: 832.463.8090

  • Susan Aldana / Assistant Controller email

    • Susan Aldana photo

      Susan supervises and maintains the activity of the accounting team by recording and reporting of the company’s financial activities including revenue, expense and capital transactions, monthly close activities. She creates and reviews journal entries, payables, and receivables, for all entities managed by the Diocese. She also creates or compiles financial statements for Director of Foundations and/or Finance Committees and various Boards, assists in the external audit process and provides tax guidance to congregations



      office: 832.240.2341

  • Araceli Rivera / Senior Accountant email

    • Araceli Rivera photo

      Araceli provides accounting, treasury, technology and human resources support to the Diocese and five related foundations. She helps maintain   general ledgers and preparing financial statements for Diocesan entities. She also provides assistance with the annual external audit.


      office: 713.353.2124

  • Zsa Zsa Howard / Staff Accountant email

    • Zsa Zsa Howard photo

      Zsa Zsa oversees disbursements for the Diocese and for Diocesan Foundations. She reconciles and maintains company credit card receipts, posts assigned journal entries, and completes A/P related reconciliations and audit work papers.

      office: 832.240.2345

  • Catherine Rinhart / Accounts Payable Specialist email

    • Catherine Rinhart photo

      Catherine oversees disbursements for the Diocese and for Diocesan Foundations. She reconciles and maintains company credit card receipts, posts assigned journal entries, and completes A/P related reconciliations and audit work papers.

      office: 713.353.2127


Human Resources

  • Zee Turnbull, SHRM-SCP, PHR / Human Resources Manager email

    • Zee Turnbull, SHRM-SCP, PHR photo

      Zee handles all human resources, clergy compensation and payroll questions and issues. She also provides guidance regarding all clergy compensation matters, clergy and lay pension problems, clergy retirements, and short and long-term disability for clergy and lay employees.

      office: 713.353.2120

      cell: 713.806.5661

  • Maleree Tunson / Human Resources Coordinator email

    • Maleree Tunson photo

      Maleree is responsible for benefits enrollments/changes and managing the Health Savings Account (HSA) records. She is also available to help members with benefits questions or problems.

      office: 713.353.2148



  • Joann Saylors / Canon for Mission Amplification email

    • Joann  Saylors photo

      Joann leads the Mission Amplification Team’s five missioners who support assist leaders and congregations in planting new communities of faith, both church plants and missional communities, and in nurturing existing congregations and their leaders. The team provides coaching and consulting, as well as assessments and programs like cultural competency training and formation events. Additionally, the diocesan team helps congregations strategize and engage in effective action in response to opportunities and challenges. 

      office: 713.353.2136

      cell: 210.859.7080

  • Jamie Martin-Currie / Missioner for Christian Formation email

    • Jamie Martin-Currie photo

      Jamie oversees the diocesan support in areas of formation for our congregations and communities. She oversees the diocesan youth ministries, assesses ministries, and develops new children, youth, and family ministers. Jamie serves as a curricula consultant, presents workshops at parishes throughout the Diocese and assists the Church at the provincial and national levels. Jamie also coordinates the Diocesan Youth Council Delegates.

      office: 713.353.2135

      cell: 713.591.4869

  • Jason Evans / Missioner for Missional Communities email

    • Jason Evans photo

      Jason serves as the Missioner for Missional Communities, supporting congregations in starting sacramental and relational outposts for those that cannot, or will not, visit an established church environment. He regularly works with clergy and lay leaders in congregations at establishing the evangelistic skill and missional strategy for reaching out beyond our parochial campuses.


      office: 713.353.2142

      cell: 281.536.7435

  • Beth Fain / Missioner for Congregational Vitality email

    • Beth Fain photo

      Beth works with the laity and clergy of the diocese to create systems that increase congregational vitality including developing peer learning cohorts and designing and delivering innovative ways of educating about vital practices.  She also consults with and coaches congregations, communities, and clergy and lay leaders as referred by Canon Saylors.

      office: 713.240.2346

      cell: 281.772.8665

  • Liz Gutierrez / Administrative Assistant for Missional Communities email

    • Liz Gutierrez photo

      Liz works with Jason Evans, Missioner for Missional Communities, to provide support to our mission-oriented communities—including campus missions, church plants and missional communities. She offers administrative assistance in a variety of areas that lead towards the flourishing of these mission outposts.

  • Bob Schorr / Manager of Strategic Development email

    • Bob Schorr photo

      Bob’s ministry is focused in three areas: 1) land acquisition and master planning for new churches including site selection and acquisition, site master planning, permitting, and construction project management; 2) supporting clergy and vestries in congregational governance and facility planning and operations, including facility challenges, major maintenance and repair issues, and guidance and direction for congregations as they begin and work through the process of master planning, design, construction, and capital campaigns for major renovation and/or new construction. Specifically he maintains a network of architects, engineers, contractors and capital campaign consultants with experience and good track records in working with churches in the diocese; and, 3) financial stewardship resources for annual giving and year-round stewardship.  Bob also serves as a liaison to the Commission on Hispanic Ministry.

      office: 713.353.2108

      cell: 713.598.4608

  • Stephanie Townes / Youth Event & Young Adults Coordinator email

    • Stephanie Townes photo

      Stephanie supports diocesan youth events by coordinating Happening, YES, Midwinter Retreat, Junior High Retreat, Intermediate Retreat, Intermediate Mission Experience, and Missionpalooza. She also supports the Mission Amplification team administratively.

      office: 713.353.2138

      cell: 979.236.5478

  • Denise Treviño-Gomez / Missioner for Intercultural Development email

    • Denise Treviño-Gomez photo

      Denise coordinates and executes a diocesan-wide series of programs specifically designed to increase understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion. She works with various diocesan entities on community building, leadership development, intercultural youth events, building multicultural communities, and other areas of our church life.


      office: 713.353.2115

      cell: 512.436.6029

  • Jill Lutz / Assistant for Mission Amplification email

    • Jill Lutz photo

      As Assistant to the Canon for Mission Amplification, Jill offers administrative support to the Rev. Canon Joann Saylors. She also works with other team members to enhance the ministry of the Mission Amplification team. She maintains the team’s calendars, meetings, and offers other support as needed.

      office: 713.353.2107


Wellness and Care Ministries / Safeguarding

  • Lisa Hines / Canon for Wellness and Care/Safeguarding Minister email

    • Lisa Hines photo

      Lisa, is the Canon for Wellness and Care. She facilitates a culture of health, safety, and mutual care within EDOT. She leads the Wellness and Care Team. She reports to the Canon to the Ordinary/Chief Operating Officer and also works closely with the Bishop Diocesan and the Suffragan Bishop for the Western Region and the Suffragan Bishop assigned as Executive for Pastoral Care. She is based in the Austin Diocesan office.

      office: 512.478.0580

      cell: 512.609.1876

  • Danielle Tatro / Assistant to Wellness and Care & Safeguarding email

    • Danielle  Tatro photo

      Danielle supports the Canon for Wellness and Pastoral Care and the Safe Church office. She assists with wellness ministry development, Wellness and Care communications, and also provides procedural and training support for all the Safeguarding programs. In addition, Danielle is the Safeguarding Records Administrator for EDOT clergy.

      office: 512.478.0580

  • Marty Brickley / Manager of Safeguarding Certification email

    • Marty Brickley photo

      Marty oversees and directs the Safe Church Safeguarding Certification process for the Diocese. She supports the processes and infrastructure for Safe Church risk management through the use of the Safeguarding Records System (SRS). She provides training, support and policy navigation to those who manage the processes each year in our churches, schools, and institutions. She manages Safe Church assistants in Houston and NE Texas.

      office: 512.478.0580

  • Tracy Cramer / Safeguarding Assistant and Liaison to Hispanic Communities email

    • Tracy Cramer photo

      Tracy provides bilingual (Spanish-English) Safe Church “help desk” assistance for Safeguarding certification processes to Safeguarding Records Administrators (SRAs), and other staff in congregations, schools, and EDOT organizations. He assists with keeping SRS up to date; provides other bilingual Safe Church services (e.g., conduct needs assessments, train SRAs, etc.) to largely Spanish speaking congregations and translates Safe Church web pages, documents, and written communications. He also provides training and assistance with the online option for SGC recertification, and serves as SRA for small churches as needed.

      office: 512.478.0580

  • Katherine Muhlenbruch / Safeguarding Assistant and Master Trainer email

    • Katherine Muhlenbruch photo

      Katherine supports SRAs in all EDOT organizations in their effort to create and maintain an accurate accounting of members who have or need to have Safeguarding Certification. She trains volunteers to be the Safeguarding Records Administrator (SRA) for their parish/school/organization and offers ongoing support and trouble-shooting.  She serves as SRA for small churches as needed. She trains volunteer SGP and SGC trainers to serve in churches and EDOT organizations. She also provides ongoing professional development of trainers and Master Trainers (those who train trainers).

      office: 512.478.0580



  • Nina Gaspar / Technology Manager email

    • Nina Gaspar photo

      Nina manages Doris, the Diocesan Online Records and Information Software, a centralized, consolidated database that includes contact and other information for diocesan churches, clergy, vestry, and other lay leaders. Directories of churches and clergy are produced from this database, as are lists, reports, and labels. She manages all Technology related areas at the Diocese. She keeps the website updated with contact information on the diocesan churches, and she produces and uploads the monthly diocesan cycle of prayer. She oversees the registration of clergy and lay - and receipt of data reports due before - Annual Council. She also oversees personnel responsible for lay licenses.

      office: 713.353.2141

      cell: 281.450.9163

  • Dina Dalibalta / Technical Support Analyst email

    • Dina Dalibalta photo

      Dina provides technical problem resolution and support to the Episcopal Diocese of Texas staff.  She provides prompt and quality support by clearly communicating technical solutions in a user-friendly and professional manner. She takes ownership of all issues and escalate to Technology Manager as needed.  

      office: 713.353.2114


Transition Ministry

  • Blake Rider / Transition Minister email

    • Blake Rider photo

      Blake oversee clergy transition, congregations involved in a search process, placement for seminary-track curates and bi-vocational pastoral leaders, and clergy licensing work. Trains rector search committees for congregations preparing to call new rectors. Coordinates orientation for all clergy new to the Diocese.

      twitter: TexasDiocese

      office: 713.353.2118

      cell: 713.303.7639