Outreach projects

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Outreach project ideas within your Parish


The 1960 Hope Center restores the God-given dignity of
our brothers and sisters who are homeless.

The Episcopal Church Women Board of the Diocese of Texas supports 1960 Hope Center for the next two years. 

1960 Hope Center is a non-profit that provides shelter and hospitality to the homeless in the 1960 area. It is open on Monday to Friday from 9am - 3pm.

The 1960 corridor, now known as the Cypress Creek Parkway, has become a major center for the homeless in Houston. They have tent cities in many wooded areas. On rainy nights they huddle in doorways in an attempt to stay dry. During the day some work, some panhandle and others search for food. These are people like us; this could be any of us; a major medical bill, the loss of a job, a divorce or mental illness could put many of us on the streets.

The Center was opened to offer basic human services to our homeless brothers and sisters. There they find a welcoming atmosphere where they can relax and hang out. The facility offers shelter from inclement weather, clean restrooms, hot showers, a laundry, hot lunches and other necessities.

Beyond temporary basic needs, there are also mental health providers, support groups and life coaches to support the men and women on their path out of homelessness. They also have an opportunity to be creative as a means to earn income.