Crossing Bridges

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  ROBBIE ELAYNE LEE [Diolog Magazine] When Robbie Elayne Lee was growing up in the Third Ward of a segregated Houston, “Black people didn’t cross Main Street,” she said. “Main Street was the bridge that you didn’t cross.” It was the proverbial...

EDOT Gallery Features The Rev. Bertie Pearson

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VIEW GALLERY HERE The Rev. Bertie Pearson took a circuitous route home to Austin where he serves as vicar for San Francisco de Asis. Along the road, his music and his faith fueled the miles between college in Berkeley and Paris, work as a DJ and playing in several bands. His interests are as...

EDOT Gallery to feature Janita K. Lo

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Janita Lo was born in China and received her primary education in Hong Kong before further study in Australia and the United States. She has been practicing as a professional interior designer in Houston since 1965. She has received numerous design awards and her work has been...