EDOT Gallery to Open Diverse New Photo Exhibit for Fotofest

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Fotofest 1
 photo by Carol E. Barnwell
Fotofest 2
photo by Jean May
Fotofest 3
photo by Nancy Etheridge

EDOT Gallery will feature “Three Girls Shooting” for this year’s Fotofest, March 16-April 29. From the alleys of Beijing, animal shelters in Santa Fe and found objects on the streets of Houston, Carol E. Barnwell, Nancy Etheridge and Jean May have compiled a rich and diverse exhibit of their work.


“‘Girls’ may be a stretch,” Barnwell laughed, “but we each bring such a different dynamic to our work, the show offers something for everyone: animated, observed and found.”


Barnwell, who has studied with Geoff Winningham, Jay Maisel and National Geographic’s Bob Sacha, is communication director for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, where the gallery is located. She has been working on the feather project for more than a year.


“The most damaged ones make the most interesting photos, catching light in the imperfections,” she said. “My friend’s chickens donated to the project as well.” Her photos sometimes appear to be bits of sea fluff floating at the bottom of the ocean instead of a baby dove’s down. Others slice through the frame with a knife edge, barely catching the light on a twisted edge.


Etheridge, who has studied photography at the Maine and Santa Fe Workshops as well at the Glassell School has been taking photographs since she won a Brownie Hawkeye “as fifth prize in a contest.”


“I’ve graduated to more sophisticated cameras, but I still pine for that simple Brownie,” Etheridge said. For her Fotofest pieces, she returned to a favorite subject—dogs. Her photos include a series shot at the Santa Fe animal shelter. “In all their shapes and sizes,” she said, “dogs are a never-ending source of entertainment and humor for me. I love their example of living fully in the moment,” she said.


May also studied photography with Winningham as well as John Szarkowski, who chose her photograph for the jacket photo ofThe Idea of Louis Sullivan (reissued in 2000).  She has developed a body of work relating to the Maine coast and wooden boats – notably a restored New York 32 (1936), which she sails with her husband Henry.


“I am drawn to details and odd moments,” May said of the photos from a recent trip to China that will be on exhibit. “I love the partial views and fleeting glimpses into other worlds, other lives.”


Three Girls Shooting will be open M-F, 9-5, throughout Fotofest. The photographers will have an opening reception March 29 from 5-7:30 p.m. Parking is available in the lot on San Jacinto between Texas and Prairie. 


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