FAQs about Happening

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Frequently Asked Questions about Happening

Who may Attend?
Any student in 9th - 12th grade (as of November) may attend Happening. Adults who are involved in youth ministry are also encouraged to attend.  

What is the Registration Policy?
Happening operates on a first come, first served basis. Completed (form, covenant, insurance information, and money) applications are accepted in the order they are received until the Happening is full and/or the deadline date is reached.

What is the Registration Procedure?
Complete the online application. and please make sure to also provide an email address and/or phone number for the participant and supporting adult name.

What is the Cost?
The registration fee is $75 and includes meals and lodging.

What if I Cancel?
If you call at least one week prior to Happening, we will refund your registration fee minus $25.00 processing fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations the week of the event. You will need to re-submit an application for a future Happening.

What if I Need a Scholarship?
We never want money to hinder participation in Diocesan Youth Ministry events. If you need a scholarship to attend Happening, please email Stephanie Townes.

Where and When are the Happenings?
Happenings take place four times a year at Camp Allen – Campsite 3.  The weekend begins on Friday evening at 7 p.m.  We cannot start without you!  Happening is over Sunday evening after closing Eucharist.  All Happeners must stay the entire weekend.  The dates are found on the EDOT Happening webpage and the EDOT calendar.

What if I've already attended Happening?
You can join us for Lock In! Lock In runs concurrently with all Happenings. The registration forms are found on the Happening webpage.

What if I want to staff Happening?
Once you've attending Lock In, you can apply to be on Happening Staff or Lock In Staff. For both Lock In Staff and Happening Staff, prayerfully consider how God is leading you to help, as the Rector and Big will be praying and listening to discern God's will for each Happening weekend. Staff and Lock In must complete an application form online. Staff must have attended a Happening as a candidate, attended Lock In, and still be in high school. Adults can staff or participate in Lock In, but must be safeguarded. Adults must register online for Staff or Lock In.
You may not staff Happening twice in a row. You are welcome to come to Lock In when you are not staffing Happening. 

What if I want to be Rector, Head Gofer or Lock In Rector for Happening?
First, prayerfully ask God to walk with you through the process, trusting God's will in selection. You may only serve on of these positions during your senior year of high school. You may apply for more than one position, but if selected, you may not serve in one of the other positions. If you still sense God calling you to be one of these Senior Leadership Positions for a Happening, then complete the  application process by completing the Happening Senior Leadership Application online.