Keeping Advent at Home

Keeping Advent at Home

Keeping Advent at Home

Keeping Advent at Home

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Ideas for people of all ages observe the season of Advent at home

Make One More List


This Advent, have your family write down what you want for Christmas that can’t be
bought at a store. For example, time to see friends, a chance to talk to grandparents.
Or, write a reverse Christmas list, instead of the things you want, write down
things you are grateful you already have. One idea to help children and youth
understand Advent would be to focus on the “giving” not the “getting.” Have
children write the list of the gifts they will be giving and to whom.


Blessing of the Tree


God of Adam and Eve, God of all our ancestors, we praise you for this tree. It
stirs a memory of paradise, and brings a foretaste of heaven. Send your Child,
the flower of the root of Jesse, to restore your good earth to the freshness of
creation. Then every tree of the forest will clap its hands, and all creation
will bless you from these shining branches. All glory is yours, now and
forever. Amen.


Be a Guardian Angel


For this Advent season, ask everyone in the family to put their name in a hat and
each person picks a name. All season long you do good deeds, dream up little
surprises, or leave notes of praise for just that one person-but without
getting caught. On Christmas morning everyone reveals whose angel he or she


Advent Discipline


Help your family create ways they can do good and thoughtful deeds during the
holiday rush. Ex. holding the door for a shopper, helping a neighbor unload the
car, offer to help a busy mom wrap presents, clean the silver, shop for a
disabled friend, etc.


Setting up your Crèche


Begin to set up the nativity scene or crèche. To emphasize that Advent is a time of
waiting, add only one or two pieces every day to the stable until Christmas,
when you add the baby Jesus. You could also start the wise men in another part
of your home and move them closer each day as they make their way toward


Blessing of a Nativity


Bless us, Lord, as we come to Bethlehem, where animals and angels, shepherds and
seekers together behold your face. In our holy Christmas, give us the riches of
your poverty. Show us the wonder of simplicity as we join with the angels in
singing your praise: Glory in heaven and peace on earth, now and forever. Amen


Make Room at the Inn


If you have company staying at your house for the holidays, clean out a dresser
drawer so this person can use it while visiting. Add a few things he or she
might like or could use. You could put a pocket-sized copy of the Psalms,
stationery to write letters, candy or a new pair of slippers.