Emergency Preparedness & Resilience

Emergency Preparedness & Resilience

Emergency Preparedness & Resilience

Emergency Preparedness & Resilience

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It is the time of year when we turn our attention to preparing for the upcoming hurricane season. If needed the Diocese will use Alert Media’s messaging features for emergency communications.

Emergencies can affect a congregation, ministry or community at anytime. Be prepared.

From large-scale natural disasters to localized acts of human violence, these events can devastate our communities and overwhelm our resources. Though we cannot plan for, or prevent, every possible outcome, we can take precautions that minimize the impact of a disaster on our congregations and, in turn, serve the community in the midst of a traumatic event. Preparedness is good stewardship, and it builds community resilience. 


This guide presents an easy-to-use, step-by-step format to create an emergency plan for your congregation. It includes suggestions and examples for your added benefit. All congregations of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas are encouraged to create a written emergency plan as soon as possible.

Helpful Links

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Who to Contact

Disaster Recovery
The Rev. Stacy Stringer - Director of Hurricane Recovery
Kécia Mallette - Harvey Program Manager
Church Insurance/Claims - Jonathan Blaker
Congregational Needs - The Rev. Canon Joann Saylors
Clergy Wellness - The Rev. Canon Lisa Hines