Safeguarding Trainer's Corner

Safeguarding Trainer's Corner

Safeguarding Trainer

Safeguarding Trainer's Corner

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The Trainer's Corner hosts the most current safeguarding trainer information and resources provided by the Safeguarding Team. When preparing for a training session, log into the Safeguarding Records System (SRS), print the Sign Out Sheet prior to training, and upload to SRS within two business days.

Safeguarding Records System: SRS    SRS Trainer Instructions

Safeguarding God's Children (SGC)

SGC Training Procedures   SGC Policies   Youth Training Guide

Safeguarding God's People (SGP)

SGP Training Procedures   SGP Policies

Trainer Agreements:
Submit a Trainer Agreement annually to the Safeguarding Office. Trainer Agreement
Let the Safeguarding Office know if there's any changes with your contact info or trainer status.

Trainer Training: Calendar and Registration

Honorarium: Master Trainer Honorarium


Safety and protection; these are critical features of our commitment to promoting a culture of physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness, for our children and all of us who work and volunteer in ministries to children and youth. The EDOT Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse provides the structure we need to create and maintain programs and environments which achieve that commitment. These policies are the common language we use to define what safety and protection look like. Our "Trainer Tip" is to begin each training with a review and discussion of the policies. 

-Katherine Muhlenbruch, Master Trainer