Safeguarding Clergy Resources

Safeguarding Clergy Resources

Safeguarding Clergy Resources

Safeguarding Clergy Resources

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Clergy Resources for Safeguarding Ministry
The Safeguarding Ministry Team is here to help you protect the health, wellness, and safety of your parish/school/institution. Call us at any time with questions and/or problems. We are here to support you!

Looking for safeguarding and certification information that includes helpful pastoral language? Review the: Safeguarding FAQs for Clergy or contact the Safeguarding Office for support.

Certification Process
EDOT’s Safeguarding ministry provides a process for certifying that your volunteers and staff are screened and trained so that you can ensure the health and safety of your parish and/or school. Simply appoint people in your ministry setting to do these jobs:  

  • Safeguarding Records Administrator (SRA) - to interface with Safeguarding Record System (SRS)
  • Safeguarding Coordinator - to ensure safeguarding policy compliance and oversee certifications
  • Safeguarding God’s Children Trainer - to train those who work with children or youth
  • Safeguarding God’s People Trainer - to train those in pastoral leadership positions

Safeguarding Team Structure

Recommendation Forms
Safeguarding Coordinator
Safeguarding SRA
Safeguarding Administrative Change Form
Train the Trainer Calendar - Registration 

What safeguarding training is required for Clergy?
All clergy (or clergy new to EDOT) are required to take "Safeguarding God’s People - Preventing Harassment and Exploitation" (SGP) within 90 days of ministry start. This training is clergy specific and must be taken with Safeguarding Minister, The Rev. Canon Lisa Hines. Training is required every five (5) years in order to maintain certification requirements for EDOT.

Register for Clergy Safeguarding Training:
Contact the Safeguarding Office.

Clergy also are required to take Safeguarding God’s Children training upon start of ministry and every five years thereafter. This training is not clergy specific and may be taken anywhere in the diocese that the training is offered. 

My ministry team needs to be SGP Certified and we do not have an SGP Trainer.  What are my options?
The Safeguarding office has put together a series of regional SGP Trainings in an effort to assist parishes with vestry and ministry leader certifications. Please review the Regional SGP Training Calendar for available dates and locations.

What safeguarding information do I need to provide annually?
A Safeguarding Certification Annual Status Report is submitted to the Safeguarding Office prior to March 31st each year.

What if there is an incident in my parish or school?
You are not alone in your ministry when difficulties arise. The Diocese provides resources, and guidance should an incident occur in your parish or school. The Safeguarding office can advise you on employment issues, disruptive personalities, as well as on incidences of sexual misconduct. Contact The Rev. Canon Lisa Hines, Safeguarding Minister at 800.947.0580 ext. 1876  

What if a Registered Sex Offender wants to join my parish?
Guidelines for Parishes Regarding Membership of Registered Sex Offenders

For reporting abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children, the elderly, or people with disabilities:
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, 800.252.5400