Safeguarding Policy Review Videos for Vestries and Boards

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Safeguarding Review Videos for Vestries and Boards

The Safeguarding God’s People policies require that Decision-Makers receive training in the SGP policies. Decision-Makers include members of Vestries, Bishop’s Committees, and other governing boards of diocesan organizations that make decisions involving Pastoral Relationships or ministries to Vulnerable Adults or that influence the salary or benefits of employees. Below are videos that satisfy this requirement. Please note that separate SGP Policy Review videos are provided for Vestries/Bishop’s Committees and for governing boards other than Vestries and Bishop’s Committees.

Also below is an optional 8-minute video review of Safeguarding God’s Children policies.  We encourage all members of Vestry, Bishop’s Committees, and other boards to watch the video, but the training is not currently required and a record of compliance is not kept by the Safeguarding Office.

Procedure and Timing
Each member of a governing board described above is required to watch the appropriate SGP Policy Review Video within the first three months of each term served on the governing board. The video is approximately 23 minutes long and reviews not only Safeguarding God’s People policies, but also the standards of behavior for clergy under Title IV, the Church’s disciplinary canons, and select portions of the Clergy Manual. 

Although we recommend that the video be viewed and discussed annually at a meeting of the governing board shortly after members begin a new term, members are only required to watch the video at the beginning of each term served. If the video is viewed only by members who are beginning a new term, we recommend that it be done as part of an orientation meeting, with an opportunity for questions and discussion. Members beginning a new term may view the video on their own, provided they are later given an opportunity for questions and discussion.

Note that all wardens of a congregation must also be fully certified in Safeguarding God’s People, meaning that they must be screened and trained as set out in the SGP policies.

How to Track Compliance with SGP Training for Decision-Makers 
Compliance with the SGP training requirement for Decision-Makers is not tracked electronically through the Safeguarding Records System. To verify compliance, the date on which newly elected or appointed members of Vestry, Bishop’s Committee, or other boards view the appropriate training video must be recorded on the SGP Policy Review Confirmation (PRC). The PRC must then be signed by the Head of Organization and returned to the Safeguarding Office with the Annual Safeguarding Status Report. (See Resources for Coordinators and SRAs for a copy of the report.) If the organization has already submitted the Annual Status Report for the year, the completed PRC may be scanned and emailed to the Safeguarding Office for recording.

Optional SGC Policy Review Video