W&C Why Clergy Wellness?

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"The concept of wellness lies at the heart of the Gospel. Jesus said he came so that we might have abundant life. If we are to live out—and live into—the vision that Jesus Christ held for the world, we are committed to his holistic understanding of health and wellness." – Credo, Lifelong Wellness 

Wellness is not just the absence of illness; it is wellbeing in every aspect of life: financial, emotional/spiritual, physical and vocational. The Diocese of Texas is committed to supporting its clergy and their families as they strive to be as healthy as possible in every area of their lives.

Clergy wellness affects not only the clergy person and his/her family, but also the well-being of the parish they serve. Healthy clergy leaders promote healthy congregations.

This website provides links to numerous resources available for clergy, their families, and congregations to access for information and support. Clergy and their spouses are encouraged to attend  Steps to Wellness: A Health Summit  provided year round, in various locations by the Church Pension Group at no cost to clergy.