Spanish Translated Materials

Spanish Translated Materials

Spanish Translated Materials

Spanish Translated Materials

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Spanish Translated Materials


Holy Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation - SPANISH VERSION 



El Libro de Oración Común Blue


Libro de Oración Común, Edición en el Idioma español

Download a free PDF copy El Libro de Oración Común.

Book of Common Prayer Spanish Language edition.

Jugando Junto a Dios volumen 1 español


Volumen 1: Como Dirigir las Lecciones de Jugar Junto a Dios

Godly Play Volume 1 in Spanish


Jugando Junto a Dios volumen 2 español


Volumen 2: 14 Presentaciones para el otoño

Godly Play Volume 2 in Spanish 

Jugando Junto a Dios volumen 3 español


Volumen 3: 20 Presentaciones para el Invierno

Godly Play Volume 3 in Spanish


Jugando Junto a Dios volumen 4 español


Volumen 4: 20 Presentaciones para la Primavera

Godly Play Volume 4 in Spanish



La Biblia y Usted

The Bible and You in Spanish
This best seller contains synopses of all the books of the Bible. Tells who wrote the Bible and when and why it was written, and offers some helpful hints for getting the most out of Bible reading.


La Mayordomia y Usted

Stewardship and You in Spanish
Effectively promotes a church member's responsibility to serve as God's steward by sharing gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Gives a comprehensive account of how God's gifts can be managed and shared to benefit Church and community.


Que Significa Ser Episcopal

What It Means To Be Episcopalian in Spanish
This booklet presents the basic aspects and beliefs of the Episcopal Church covering faith, reason, tradition, the creeds, and the sacraments.  


Multi-language Brochures

These brochures are available to order and are intended to be an introduction for those visiting or new members of your church.