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The Safeguarding Records System (SRS) is a paperless online records management system. If you are a Safeguarding Records Administrator (SRA), and need assistance with SRS, please contact the Safeguarding Office. 

Safeguarding Records System: SRS

Safeguarding Records System Manual: SRS Manual  

SRS Reports: SRS Reports Help Sheet

Best Practices:
1. Know that per our policies, SGC certification should be completed in 30 days, and SGP-E certification in 90 days from volunteer or employment start date. That being said, all certifications in SRS must be completed within 90 days to avoid deactivation by the system.
2. Monitor certifications (Work in Process) by approving applications and background checks regularly.
3. Upload Sign out Sheets within 2 business days of training.

Understanding the 90 Day Certification Deadline:
90 Day Certification Deadline and when to ask for Reactivation

SRA Trainings:
SRA Trainings are available for individuals and groups. To coordinate registration for an upcoming training, please contact the Safeguarding Office.

Having a Safeguarding Team helps to develop an environment of safety and wellness.
Safeguarding Team Structure
Safeguarding Administrative Change Form
Safeguarding Coordinator
SRA Recommendation

SRS Certification (Interview) Questions:
SGC Interview Questions
SGP Interview Questions

Need help explaining Certification to Applicants?  
3 Steps to Safeguarding Certification

Youth Helper Sample Forms:
Youth Helper Interview, References, Sample Forms

Credit Check or Driving Record:
Credit Check and Driving Record Request Form

Vendor Agreement:
Vendors - SRS Training Only Annual Agreement

Annual Status Report for Churches, Missions or Organizations:
Annual Status Report for Churches or Missions due annually. 2020 due date is April 30.
Annual Status Report for Organizations (St. Vincent's House, El Buen Samaritano, Lord of the Streets) due annually.
Contact the Safeguarding Office with any questions.

Sign-Out-Sheet for Vestry, Bishop's Committee, and School Boards:
SGP Policy Review Sign Out Sheet

Safeguarding Office Support:
Safeguarding Contacts

SRA Talk: SRA Talk   

Regional Trainings: Regional Trainings

Recursos para Administradores de Registros de Salvaguardando