Starting an ECW

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ECW - Starting an ECW

But my church doesn’t have an ECW…

Some churches and missions in our diocese have no organized ECW. We encourage YOU to be the one to start one! Sometimes it simply begins with a group of women going out to lunch after Sunday services wanting to stay in touch with one another in a more organized way. Here’s some documentation that can help you start an ECW. Your Convocation Coordinator can be a help to you with answering your questions, meeting with your members, providing encouragement and brainstorming. 

What do ECW's do?


Our purpose as the Women of the Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Texas is to empower each other to live the life for which Christ called us by sharing His love through outreach, fellowship and spiritual growth. And how do we do this? Through awarding scholarships and empowering the youth of the Church, hosting lunches, sponsoring garage sales, organizing and attending retreats, supporting one another through life’s challenges, and numerous other activities. 

Isn’t this a group for my mother? And what’s this I hear about casseroles? 

It’s a group for half of the membership of our church, including you AND your mother. All women in the Episcopal church are members by birthright. The strongest of ECWs consist of a diversified membership with women of all ages and backgrounds coming together to share their time, treasures and talents to further the efforts of our churches and missions. We’re just as good at happy hours or breakfast meetings as we are with casseroles.

We have also created networking opportunities for professional women, helped with child care issues, awarded scholarships for the college bound and have provided the elderly with challenging and rewarding ways of staying involved and active in their community. The ECW is a group for all women, from all walks and backgrounds of life, those with and without children, those with careers in and outside the home, women in school, dropouts, those considering a first degree or working in a graduate program. We're cradle Episcopalians and women who've just walked in the door. We are the women of this church and we are YOU. Come join us!