Texas Episcopal Service Corps Host Site Application

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Texas Episcopal Service Corps Host Site Application

Please type name, phone number, fax and email above

Please type name, phone number, fax and email above

Please type name, phone number, fax and email above

Please type name, phone number, fax and email above


In submitting this information to Texas Episcopal Service Corps, you certify that the information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and understand that if Texas Episcopal Service Corps receives funding for your proposed position and you are selected to host a corps member, you are responsible for:

  • Providing on-site supervision and support for the member including and necessary orientation and staff training throughout the year
  • Partnering with TX-ESC to fund the member, through a "cash match"
  • Providing adequate work space including a desk, computer, phone and access to fax or copier
  • Participating in member evaluation, site visits, and other TX-ESC events as deemed appropriate and when possible.
  • Attending mandatory member orientation/interview meeting


Name, Date

Organizational Information

Consider including: Purpose, philosophy and goals Brief history Geographical area served Religious affiliation (if any) Other agency affiliations (if any)

(i.e. direct service, advocacy, organizing, etc.)

Please include the number of people in your organization, a breakdown of full-time and part-time employees, and the number and kind of volunteers who assist with the delivery of your programs. Please detail the number and kind of staff who work in the department or area for which you are applying to have a Fellow.

If applicable, please include contextual information about your organization (religious, political or cultural) that may have prompted your decision to apply.

Job Description

Please highlight: Specific duties and anticipated outcomes Any projects the member may work on

Please note that 3-4 weekends (Friday-Sunday) will be reserved for TX-ESC programs and retreats. The program director will provide a list before the term.

i.e., non-standard morning or evening hours, language requirements, frequent work-related commuting, physical requirements

6. Under which fields of service would you describe the mission of your member's service?

Choose all that apply.

Training & Supervision

Note: we ask member supervisors to meet with members weekly

Location & Travel

Please include address, phone number, days/hours at each site.

Will this position require the fellow to travel to locations other than the ones listed above? *

Please check all that apply

If you checked any of the above, please explain:


Please include name, board position, phone number and email address

Status of the position


We ask our partners to commit an annual amount of $20,000 toward the cost of a Corps Member. This amount goes toward the Corps Member's housing, monthly stipend, health insurance, food, and program expenses. Does your organization’s budget allow for such a cost? If not, how much could your organization commit annually? Texas Episcopal Service Corps may be able to work with you to acquire the necessary funds or make other arrangement that might help offset this cost.


Please provide a date.


Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the application. Please click send below to submit your application and return to the Texas Episcopal Service Corps webpage.