Bastrop Update and Volunteer Opportunities

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- The Rev. Gill Keyworth is one of two emergency response coordinators in the Diocese of Texas. She is spending three days a week in Bastrop as the community continues to recover from the devastating fires. -


The Rector of Calvary, Lisa Hines, writes in their newsletter “We have learned at Calvary that we are part of a Church that is far greater than we had imagined and that God’s mercy comes from notes and checks and gift cards from all over this country, ……… from the willing hands and hearts of our nearest neighbors. Our gratitude exceeds our loss and shapes our hearts for the future.” The parishioners here have been overwhelmed by the love and support that they have received from so many.


The Bastrop County Commissioners County Court approved the Bastrop County Complex Fire Recovery Plan. That is good news because now organizations can move ahead together within guidelines.


A Long Term Recovery committee has been formed and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas will work within this group and contribute to the recovery process.


Some organizations have left the area and others are here in their place. As time moves on the focus and needs are changing. I have been asked by churches how they can best help. At the moment work on site sifting, sorting and clearance is continuing.


If you have a church group that wants to volunteer this month then contact Megan Helton, . She leads the AmeriCorps group that is working out of Calvary Baptist Church, 3001 Hwy 150, Bastrop. They are there 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. All volunteers need to register there and are then assigned a property. If you have a group trained in tree clearance then they want to hear from you. The work is dirty and hazardous and appropriate clothing and masks need to be worn.


Many have furniture and large appliances to donate but at this time storage is an issue here. When we have news about that I will forward that information. No clothing is being accepted and donated food is being collected by the Food Bank.


I am in Bastrop Tuesday thru Thursday each week. Please direct any questions concerning the above to my email address which is .


The Rev Gill Keyworth, Deacon

Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas with The Ven. Russ Oechsel


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