Update on Bastrop from the Rev. Gill Keyworth

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A Long Term Recovery committee is now in place and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas is taking an active role in that. This committee is important as it determines and meets the needs that will be required over the coming years.


FEMA has received applications for assistance from 3057 people in the area. To date 4133 volunteers have worked through the Americorps volunteer center helping 854 homeowners. I give these numbers to illustrate the enormous task ahead. The volunteers are our number 1 asset and we will announce shortly how we as the Episcopal Church will respond long term although I know some groups have been here already helping with clean up. The clearing of sites continues and will do for the next few months. It is dirty hazardous work but soon the rebuilding of houses will begin.


We have heard from several churches that they want to plan a mission trip here next year. Warehouse space and accommodation are at a premium but we are all working together to solve this problem and I hope to have news soon.


For donations contact:

  1. Jan at They are collecting furniture (dressers are especially in demand) and items for the kitchen area and everything you & I see when we open our kitchen cabinets and drawers. e.g. Dishware, cookware, bakeware, flatware, glassware, utensils, cutlery etc. as well as kitchen towels and hotpads. Delivery to a warehouse at 210 Hunters Crossing.
  2. Bastrop Emergency Food Pantry 512-303-0033 at 806 Fayette St. Drop off is M-F 8am-3pm. They are needing canned and dried goods(nothing out of date)
  3. If you have people experienced with using a chainsaw (and own one) they are particularly in need.


If you want more information please contact Gill Keyworth at


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