Toto, I am not in Easton Anymore

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I feel like Alice or Dorothy; I have traveled far away from the comforts of home and have entered a new realm of living. Though I didn’t fall down a rabbit hole and end up in Wonderland or get swept away by a Kansas twister, I am in a strange place and facing the prospect of new and...


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So this was the first year I spent Thanksgiving away from home. It was a lot different because I didnt even spend it with my cousins down here. I missed my family a lot over thanksgiving break. But the family I spent Thanksgiving with made it feel like I was at home, and I thank them for that...


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As our year goes on, finding a balance between all of the many elements of our life and program continues to frustrate me. From the demands of a full-time job with an erratic schedule and many peaks and lulls, to managing the complex relationships I have with my housemates, I struggle to find...