W&C Congregational Wellness and Care Resources

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Congregational Healthy Living:  Living Compass, grounded in Scripture and the tradition of the Church, is a faith-based wellness ministry that provides resources, coaching, education, training, and support to individuals, families, and congregations as they seek to live the abundant life God intends for them.

Recovery Resources for Congregations:  Given the pervasiveness of addiction in our culture, the church should ideally be a place of hope and healing for those struggling with their own or a loved one’s addiction. Faith Partners is a wonderful resource for helping churches become just such a place. 

Caring in Crisis: Care = Action. But often we don’t know how to help.  Lotsahelpinghands Care Calendar is a great parish resource for organizing and scheduling appropriate care for parishioners in need. For the person in crisis, communicating needs and progress to many folks at once can be daunting. A parish can set up a Caring Bridge site for that family to facilitate communication and invite prayers. 

Elder Care:  As parishioners age, their needs and concerns change. Parish communities can help elders (and their families) to face the challenges of aging with grace and support.

The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD): Early onset dementia affects behavior and judgment before any other symptoms are recognized and families can suffer for years before a diagnosis. AFTD has put together education and support materials that will help spread awareness about early onset dementia.

End of Life Planning:  Parish communities can help one another live well; they can also help one another die well. These resources provide tools for individuals and congregations to reflect and plan for a “graceful exit.”

Walking the Mourner's Path: Is a Christ centered Grief Support Program that offers resources and workshops designed to help those who are struggling with grief. 

Domestic Abuse: Sadly, this issue is a reality in every sort of setting, including parish communities. We can learn to recognize it and confront it, so that every parishioner can enjoy wholesome relationships.

Eating Disorders Awareness: Resources specialized for teens and young adults struggling with disordered eating and body image.