W&C Physical Wellbeing

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We are well familiar with the shoulds of physical health: we should eat healthy foods, we should exercise regularly, we should move our bodies frequently, we should have regular physical and dental check-ups. Should, should, should. But for a variety of reasons, it can be hard to move from should to actually doing. We find myriad excuses to neglect our physical health.

Many find it helpful to remember that our bodies are God’s gift to us, holy flesh and bones, through which we exist in the world, have relationships, do ministry, and worship God. We choose to care for our bodies, because they are holy.

Others find it motivating to imagine their lives five or ten years from now. How do you see yourself? What do you want to be physically able to do? Achieving future health goals begins with choices and actions that we take today. And tomorrow. And the next day. After a while, we’ve developed a healthy pattern and find that as we make healthy choices, and become healthier, we are motivated to make even more healthy choices.  It becomes a wonderful cycle of health. 

Nutrition is a key factor in physical wellbeing. Nutritional choices can seem daunting, as so many options are currently available. How do we even start eating well?

As we cultivate healthy nutritional habits, our body becomes healthier, which leads to clearer thinking, which leads to deeper soul satisfaction, and so on. Physical wellbeing is one part of a connected, greater whole. Here are two of the many resources available to help us take the first steps toward holistic health.

Living Compass is a great resource developed by an Episcopal priest, The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner. Living Compass is a total wellness resource, a practical program with specific steps to take toward holistic wellness for yourself and your family. You’ll find podcasts for family wellness, and there’s even an app for your phone, to help you stay on track!

The Church Pension Group (CPG) has practical resources as well, to help in choosing specific, healthy steps to take each day, to begin to move toward holistic wellness.