W&C Sabbatical Information

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A sabbatical is defined as a clergyperson taking at least three months away from their primary ministry for rest, refreshment, recreation, travel, reading, study, hobbies and the renewal of personal relationships. Sabbatical leave, during which the clergy person receives his/her full salary, is considered so vital to clergy wellness that the Diocese of Texas requires that Letters of Agreement between clergy and their congregations or institutions include provision for sabbaticals. 

Funding is available for sabbatical leave, under the direction of Bishop Fisher. Grants are available through the Bishop Quin Foundation Sabbatical Grant Program, and the bishops of the Diocese of Texas encourage clergy to apply for these funds. 

The mission of The Bishop Quin Foundation is to help build the Church; this mission is facilitated by the clergy of the Diocese of Texas taking sabbatical time, resulting in the holistic care, growth and development of its excellent clergy.

Details regarding eligibility requirements and the application process are available here: Sabbatical Guidelines

Download a grant application here: Quin Foundation Application

For more information, contact Kathy Dunn, Executive Assistant to Bishop Fisher or call 903.579.6012