W&C Spirituality: Going Deeper

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An integral component of recovery is spirituality. Many people in recovery discover for the very first time the presence and love of a higher power. Often, as they grow in recovery, their relationship with God deepens. One of AA’s founders, Dr. Bob, considered his relationship with God to be the most crucial element of his own recovery. Dr. Bob believed that nurturing this relationship must be a daily priority, so every day he practiced spiritual disciplines that drew him ever closer to God.  

Following in his footsteps, a group of friends in recovery who yearn for a continually growing relationship with God, have formed a religious order called Friends of Dr. BobFriends of Dr. Bob is a growing fellowship that encourages spiritual growth through the disciplines of prayer, study, fellowship, and service. Although not affiliated with AA, members encourage and support one another’s recovery paths. In particular, they practice the discipline of  Two Way Prayer  and rely on the principles of the Spiritual Legacy of Dr. Bob.

“Dr. Bob’s Spiritual Legacy”, includes the Sermon on the Mount, First Corinthians XIII, and the Letter of James. For copies of this publication or for more information about Friends of Dr. Bob, contact The Rev. Bill Wigmore.