W&C Why Clergy Family Support?

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Unlike “regular” professions, being a clergy person is not contained in a Monday through Friday work week. Clergy are clergy 24/7, wherever they happen to be. They not only don’t get weekends off, but actually work extra hard on weekends. Christmas and Easter holidays mean extra services, often lots of them. Coupled with frequent night meetings and the unexpected “life crises” among parishioners that require attention and care, it can be an all-consuming profession that creates extraordinary demands on family life. 

Family life is also impacted by interactions with parishioners. In what other profession does a person’s work place interface so intensely and intimately with their family members? 

The Diocese of Texas recognizes the challenges inherent in being part of a clergy family. EDOT families are encouraged to cultivate relationships with other clergy families in their areas and across the diocese. The office of Wellness and Care can provide contact information to clergy families who want to connect with one another. By building relationships, clergy families can offer one another support and friendship!

Clergy spouses are encouraged to attend spouse events to build relationships with others who share similar circumstances. The Diocese is eager to support clergy spouses and families in their efforts to strengthen their own wellness. "Like" the EDOT Clergy and Family Wellness FB page (open group)!