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501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt status
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Addiction Recovery Support/Referrals
Address changes (including email)
Alternative rites, permission
Annual Council - Registration
Technology Manager, Nina Gaspar, Ph.D
Annual Council, pre-Council reporting for churches
Annual Diocesan Council
Archives, diocesan and/or guidelines for parishes
Controller, Andre Kierkiewicz, CPA
Background checks, clergy
Background checks, Lay - for Safeguarding only
Bequests & donations
Bishops - previous bishops of Texas
Bishop's Office administration oversight
Chief of Staff, TBD
Bishop's Office, Diocesan 
Bishop's Office, Suffragan in Austin 
Bishop's Office, Suffragan in Tyler 
Bishop's presence at parish events, East Region 
Bishop's presence at parish events, South Region 
Bishop's presence at parish events, West Region 
Bi-vocational priests & pastoral leaders
Black Ministry, Commission on - general
Boundary violations (interpersonal)
Canon for Wellness and Care, the Rev. Canon Lisa Hines
Branding - EDOT identity, logo
Budget of Diocesan Council
Business Services
Bylaws, model parish and school
Camp Allen, diocesan oversight
Camp Allen, general
Campus/College ministry
Canonical residency & letters dimissory
Canons (EDOT & TEC), clarification/advice
Canons (EDOT)
Canons (TEC)
Cellphone towers, recommendation
Clergy & Family Support/Referrals
Canon for Wellness and Care, the Rev. Canon Lisa Hines
Clergy Conference administration
Clergy Financial Assistance
Clergy formation - after ordination
Clergy formation - leading to ordination
Clergy Manual, EDOT
Clergy Misconduct - Title IV
Canon for Wellness and Care, the Rev. Canon Lisa Hines
Clergy Misconduct - Title IV
Clergy Recruitment
Clergy salaries
Clergy Spouses Group
Clergy transition/calling (chaplains, asst/assoc)
Diocesan Transition Minister, the Rev. Wm. Blake Rider
Clergy, Non parochial annual reports
Clericus meetings, presenters/compensation
Clericus meetings, schedule & roster
Columbarium / memorial garden guidelines
Manager of Strategic Development, Bob Schorr
Commission on Ministry, administration
Commission on Ministry, diocesan oversight
Commissions, diocesan oversight
Communications strategy, parish
Confirmations, receptions, & reaffirmations
Congregational coaching
Congregational conflict
Convention, General (TEC)
Curacy Program, Curate Camp & First Time in Charge
Cycle of Prayer
Database, EDOT
Deacons, transitional
Diocesan Transition Minister, the Rev. Wm. Blake Rider
Deacons, vocational
Deans of Convocations
Death notices
Diocesan Clergy Conference oversight
Chief of Staff, TBD
Diocesan policies (see Clergy Manual)
Disaster response planning & emergency relief
Discernment Committees, Regional
Commission on Ministry, Ana Gonzales May
Discovery Retreats
Commission on Ministry, Ana Gonzales May
Discretionary funds
Discretionary funds, advice
Controller, Andre Kierkiewicz, CPA
Diversity training, Fertile Ground 
Driving and credit background checks, lay
East Region of EDOT
Ecclesiastical endorsements, clergy & lay
Ecumenical gatherings, diocesan presence at
El Buen Samaritano, diocesan oversight
El Buen Samaritano, general
Episcopal Health Foundation, congregational engagement
Episcopal Health Foundation, diocesan oversight
Episcopal Health Foundation, general
Episcopal High School, Houston - diocesan oversight
Episcopal High School, Houston - general
Episcopal orders - clergy from other denominations
Office of the Bishop Suffragan in Austin, Haley Townsend
Episcopal Schools, Commission on 
Eucharistic Ministry training, lay
Canon for Mission Amplification, the Rev. Canon Joann Saylors (Jill Lutz)
Evangelism training, Invite-Welcome-Connect
Canon for Mission Amplification, the Rev. Canon Joann Saylors (Jill Lutz)
Executive Board
Office of the Bishop Diocesan, Sara Myers
Finance Department, diocesan oversight
Finances, parish
First Time in Charge
General Convention (TEC)
General Convention (TEC), deputies
Grants, foundations
Grants, mission work
World Mission Board, the Rev. Meredith Holt Crigler
Harvey Recovery Projects
Hispanic ministries, diocesan oversight
Hispanic Ministry, Commission on - general
History of the Episcopal Church in Texas
Diocesan Archivist, Kathryn Herman
Human Resources
Hurricane Recovery
Installations (celebrations of new ministry)
Institutions, diocesan oversight
Insurance - dental, medical
Human Resources Associate, Maleree Tunson
Insurance - property, church & school
Director of Treasury, Jonathan Blaker
Iona School for Ministry & lay ministry formation programs
Jubilee Ministries
Latino, communications for
Lay ministry licensing (other than preaching)
Lay ministry, parish training
Lay preacher licensing
Letters dimissory & canonical residency
Letters of Agreement (clergy)
Licensing Information for clergy
Lists of clergy and/or churches
Map of diocesan convocations (& regions)
Marriage judgments
Media relations
Meeting room reservations in Houston
Mineral (oil & gas) inquiries
Ministry Department oversight
Mission status, remit to
Manager of Strategic Development, Bob Schorr
Mission work grants
Missional communities
Music Commission, Diocesan 
News stories, story ideas & parish news
Communications Director, Tammy Lanier
Newsletters, email - eDiolog, Out of the Ordinary
Communications Director, Tammy Lanier
Nominations (for elected office in EDOT)
Ordination process - diaconate & priesthood
Parish Administration - coaching
Canon for Mission Amplification, the Rev. Canon Joann Saylors (Jill Lutz)
Parish administration - EDOT policies
Parish records management
Parochial reports, financial
Parochial reports, general
Participating Fund & general investment inquiries 
Payroll, EDOT & EHF
Pension, clergy & lay
Personnel policies for congregations
Human Resources Manager, Zee Turnbull, PHR
Planned giving presentations
Prison ministry
Properties, diocesan
Property damage report
Province VII Synod
Province VII Synod, delegates to
Reconciliation coaching
Rector search process (transition process & coaching)
Resolutions (for Annual Diocesan Council)
Retired clergy
Sabbatical grants, clergy
Safe Church (trainers & training)
Same-gender marriage guidelines
Office of the Bishop Diocesan, Sara Myers
Seminary of the Southwest, diocesan oversight
Seminary of the Southwest, general
Social Media coaching & guidelines
South Region of EDOT
St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Austin - diocesan oversight
St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Austin - general
St. Vincent's House, diocesan oversight
St. Vincent's House, general
Supply clergy
Taxes, clergy 
Taxes, property
Tax-exempt certificate for parishes
Transition Process
Visitations (bishop visitations to parishes)
Website, EDOT
Websites, parish consulting
Communications Director, Tammy Lanier
West Region of EDOT
Workers Compensation
World Mission Board, diocesan oversight
World Mission Board, general
Young adult formation/ministry
Youth & Children: formation, ministry, coaching, diocesan events