Audio of Bishop Doyle's sermon from the Opening Eucharist, the three plenary talks and the Bishop's address is available, here.


Wrap-up - Missional Church is Focus of 168th Council
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168th Annual Council Journal, Volume I
(Revised 1-18-2017) 

169th Diocesan Council 

The 2018 169th Council in Waco will begin on Thursday evening, February 15, and conclude Saturday, February 17.

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The 168th Annual Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas Nominations & Appointments

Canonical Appointments of Regular Committees to the 2018 (169th) Council







All voting will be done electronically using smartphones, tablets and laptops. Wi-Fi access will be provided to each delegate, but electricity will not be. Before you register people, you will need to know if delegates will be able to bring their own mobile device or will need to borrow one. If your alternates do not plan to share a device with your delegates, you will need to count them also. The online registration form will ask how many devices the Diocese will need to provide for those not able to bring their own.


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