Community Building for Clergy Spouses

The Diocese of Texas recognizes the challenges inherent in being part of a clergy family. Clergy are clergy 24/7, wherever they happen to be. They almost always work on weekends, and Christmas and Easter holidays are anything but relaxing. Evening meetings are common, and even scheduled days off can be hijacked by pastoral emergencies. In addition, family life is often closely linked to congregational activities, so that the lines between work and home are blurred.  

Clergy families are encouraged to cultivate relationships with one another to offer support and friendship. The Rev. Canon Lisa Burns, Canon for Wellness and Care can provide contact information to clergy or clergy spouses who wish to connect with clergy families in their geographic area or more widely in the diocese. Below are some ways that the diocese encourages this community-building. 

Clergy Spouse Luncheon at EDOT Council. Clergy spouses who attend the annual Diocesan Council are invited to a luncheon sponsored by the diocese. Information will be made available prior to Council.

Annual Regional Clergy Christmas Parties. Spouses are included in the invitation to the annual Clergy Christmas Party in the region where the member of the clergy serves. Details are announced as the holiday season approaches.

Clergy Spouse Retreat. Each spring, spouses of active clergy are given the opportunity to build community at an annual retreat at Camp Allen. See Retreats for Clergy and Clergy Spouses and Families.

Annual Clergy Family Retreat. See Retreats for Clergy and Clergy Spouses and Families for information about this two nights retreat between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. 

Facebook Groups. EDOT spouses share a closed Facebook group. To be added to the group, a spouse must be invited by one of the members of the group. For assistance in joining the group, contact The Rev. Canon Lisa Burns, who can put you in touch with a spouse already in the group. There is also an open Facebook page, EDOT Clergy and Family Wellness, where clergy spouses can share resources or announcements. 

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