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Discovery Weekend

The Diocese of Texas strives to help all our members to discover their gifts for ministry and to identify leaders, lay and ordained, for Christ’s mission. Discerning a call to ministry is not limited to those seeking ordination. By expanding the discernment process, we have created opportunities for individuals to join with others in community to discern God’s call. The Diocese hopes to raise up lay and ordained leaders who are willing to be the face, hands, and heart of Christ in our communities and in the world. 

Discovery Weekend is an interactive early step in the discernment process. The weekend is an opportunity to:

  • slow down to learn about vocation – that is, God’s call, and to listen for God’s voice,
  • spend time in dialogue with others also in discernment,
  • get feedback and insight from Episcopal leaders engaged in various types of Christian ministry across the diocese, and
  • spend time in personal reflection about your future work and ministry.
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Sharing Faith Cards

Sharing Faith dinners invite people to gather around a meal and participate in life together. At each dinner, a moderator will prompt participants to share stories of their faith journey with printed questions. Sharing Faith provides a welcoming and safe way to engage one another, articulate our faith and build relationships.



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