At ordination, clergy promise to do their best to pattern their life, and that of those closest to them, in accordance with the teachings of Christ, to be a wholesome example to all people. Therefore, clergy are held to a high standard; this promise is difficult and there are times when clergy feel that they have fallen short of the mark.

In the Diocese of Texas, we value clergy wellness and care. As the Bishop for Pastoral Ministries, I work with the other bishops and our Ministry of Wellness and Care and a host of other kind souls, to be pastors to our clergy and their families. Our Diocese provides prayer for ill clergy and loved ones, support during bereavement, educational resources, sabbatical grants, clericus groups to build friendships, chaplains to our retired clergy – and an ear to listen, whenever the need arises.

Please drop me an email or give me a call. I am honored to listen and to be your pastor.   

Bishop Jeff Fisher, Executive for Pastoral Ministries
Episcopal Diocese of Texas – Tyler Diocesan Center

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