“I love being a minister. Even when the ministry is hard, it’s more fun than any other job I can imagine. Where else can you preach, teach, meet with a lead abatement specialist, and get arrested for civil disobedience all in the same week?” —The Rev. Lillian Daniel from This Odd and Wondrous Calling: The Public and Private Lives of Two Ministers

Ministry is indeed an incredible calling; it is work unlike any other. One priest was advised, “if you can be happy doing anything else, do it. If not, this is the work for you. Embrace it with all your heart.”

Embracing ministry means constantly and consistently listening to God; following God’s leading as to where to serve, how to serve, and how to live a life worthy of the calling. Discernment is important and often difficult work. The Diocese of Texas supports its clergy in this essential work.

Across the national church, vocational support is offered through CREDOa ministry of the Church Pension Group. CREDO offers vocational support through the ministry of its conferences, faculty, and web based resources. EDOT encourages all clergy to attend a CREDO conference.

The Latin word, CREDO, can be translated as “I believe,” but it has a much deeper meaning. Literally translated, it means, “I give my heart.” CREDO encourages participants to rediscover the passionate essence of their life and ministry in the context of their faith, their relationships, and community. Through the strength of a holistic approach to wellness, participants are invited to examine their minds, bodies, spirits, and hearts by examining four significant areas of their lives—spiritual, vocational, health, and financial.

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