Sharing Faith Dinners

Bishop Andy Doyle on Sharing Faith

How has your faith impacted your life? Join the Diocese of Texas for an evening of Sharing Faith at small community dinners. This night of listening and sharing can strengthen your community bonds and your faith. Last year, participants truly felt that something really profound came out of this simple meal and conversation.

The evening will begin with a simple meal in parishioner homes across the diocese. Each of us has our own personal faith story, and sharing our stories deepens our own faith as well as helps others to recognize how God has worked in their lives.


Role of Dinner Coordinators

  • Coordinate selection of host families and moderators with your local clergy person
  • Communicate all information to church members in your congregation
  • Provide a sign in sheet for church members who wish to host with their name, address, phone number and/or email and a field for how many people can be seated.  Have a place for others to sign up to attend as participants under each host. (Be sure to include  the host(s) and moderator and all guests when they determine the number they can host.)
  • Let the Diocesan office know how many dinners will be held and how many decks of cards you need by May 6th.
  • Distribute deck of cards to each host for use at their home

Role of Hosts

  • Provide the location (home, church, meeting space)
  • Provide a simple meal for yourself, the moderator and up to 12  participants
  • Invite people to participate at your home

Role of Moderators

  •  Participate in a one-hour training prior to the event (online)
  •  Moderate discussion with questions provided by the diocese

Role of Participants

  • Participants will register through local church’s Dinner Coordinator and receive all event communications from that person.
  • Contact your host in advance to make sure their home will be available and to get directions.
  • Attend or arrive at dinner dialogue evening ready to make new friends and to share with others in the experience of faith in God.
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