Ministry Integrity and Wellness

Clergy Discipline

Declaration of conformity document

Clergy accountibility and discipline for standards of conduct set out in Title IV of the Canons of the Episcopal Church. By their ordination vows, members of the clergy (deacons, priest, and bishops) accept accountability for standards of conduct that are set out in Title IV of the Constitution and Canons for the Government of The Episcopal Church (“Title IV”).

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“Lighting the Path: A Road to Anti-Racism in EDOT,” is a two-part training required of all Episcopal clergy entering the Diocese of Texas, whether through ordination or transfer. Although the training focuses on the history of injustice against African Americans in our country, state, and diocese, it is intended to make us reflect more broadly on the unholy use of power to justify or codify racial prejudice against any group. Our hope is that the training will raise awareness of our racist past, provoke self-examination of racist attitudes and behaviors, and help clergy to lead communities to become more racially inclusive and committed to racial justice.

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