Church Preparedness

Offering Shelter during a Storm

In times of pandemic, fewer shelters are available for those who need to evacuate. 

If church members are considering inviting another family to shelter in their home, they will want to be prepared.  These sheltering guidelines are written for public shelters, but they contain helpful information for making one’s home safe for both the host and the sheltering family.  Not all of the guidelines apply to a home, but some will.

My Church Property has Experienced Storm Damage. Now What?

If storm damage occurs, it is best for congregations to reach out directly to Church Insurance. The number for Claims is 1-800-223-5705.

Note: Should you experience any damage, please be aware that with percentage deductibles, hurricane deductibles apply to all named storms.

Further questions can be directed to Jonathan Blaker via email or at 281-701-3153.

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