Parish communities are, in many ways, like families. In a healthy family, as in a healthy parish, members help one another to be their best. They encourage one another toward healthy practices, such as observing spiritual disciplines; practicing emotional health and good nutrition; maintaining healthy and appropriate relationships; and encouraging generosity and self-care.

 Also like families, parish communities can experience dysfunction in their midst: addiction, domestic abuse, and other unhealthy, even destructive practices. As a parish community, we have responsibility for one another, to help each other bring our best selves to our parish, our families, and our work lives. This includes simply taking care of each other in times of need and/or transition. We each need the support and care of one another to help us weather the storms of life.  

The Diocese of Texas is committed to empowering congregations to become caring, sustaining communities that live into God’s command to “love one another.”

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