Supply Clergy

The EDOT Supply Clergy List includes non-parochial and retired clergy who are licensed in the Diocese of Texas and have indicated willingness to serve as supply clergy.  Please read the comments regarding their availability, travel limitations, and preferred methods of contact before contacting them. 

This list is updated regularly; please consult this list via the web each time to ensure you are accessing up-to-date information.

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Compensation for Supply Clergy

The Executive Board approves compensation for licensed supply clergy as follows: 

Mileage ReimbursementPer IRS (2024)$0.67 / mile
SundaysOne Service$200.00
Two Services$225.00
Three Services$250.00
 WeekdaysEach Service$75.00
Each Meeting$50.00

If a congregation engages a supply clergy and then cancels, the clergyperson must receive two weeks’ notice or the congregation must pay for the agreed services and mileage. 

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