Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Texas consists of three priests and three lay communicants within the diocese, elected by Council for three-year terms. It functions as a committee of advice to the bishop and is called at the bishop’s discretion, or it may meet of its own accord. The Standing Committee gives consent for persons to become candidates for Holy Orders, consent for ordinations and consent to elections of bishops in other dioceses. When there is no bishop or bishop coadjutor, the Standing Committee becomes the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese. 

PRESIDENT The Rev. Hannah Atkins Romero

SECRETARY Rebecca Brindley

ASSISTANT Ana Gonzales May


To Council 2024
Rebecca Brindley, St. Michael’s, Austin, Secretary
The Rev. Hannah Atkins Romero, Trinity, Houston, President
**(North Region Members Appointed by Bishop Doyle, Voice but no Vote, through Council 2024)
The Rev. Anthony R. Hiatt, Resurrection, Decatur
Mollee Westfall, All Saints’, Fort Worth

To Council 2025
Vyonne Carter-Johnson, Grace, Houston, Nominations Committee Representative
The Rev. Canon Simon Bautista Betances, Christ Church Cathedral, Houston

To Council 2026
The Rev. Eileen O’Brien, St. James’, Austin
Jennifer McGowan, St. John the Divine, Houston

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