Our Schools

The Episcopal schools in the Diocese of Texas serve over 11,000 children and their families with programs for infants through high school.

Unique to these schools are their blend of a rich learning environment that encourages thoughtful inquiry and discussion, an open forum for dealing with cultural and social pressures, a clear and welcoming inclusive experience with Episcopal worship, and an abundance of courtesy and patience practiced between adults and modeled for students. Children of all faiths are welcome in Episcopal schools as are those with no formal faith background. Learning the joy of reaching out to others in need and accepting the responsibilities of servant leadership begin in Episcopal schools with the youngest child. 

Episcopal schools offer financial assistance to the best of their ability to welcome a diverse population of students from a variety of family situations. Academic standards and behavioral expectations are high, and parent support is encouraged. Interested parents and highly qualified professional educators are encouraged to contact school offices directly for more information. 

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