Recovery Resources

Substance abuse and addiction are prevalent in our culture and in the congregations and other organizations of the diocese. For that reason, diocesan policies include both an Alcohol Policy and a Gambling Policy. Members of the clergy are obligated to address their own addiction issues, but they also need to engage the problem of addiction among the people they serve and help to create communities where people in recovery feel supported. Many congregations in the diocese support recovery by hosting twelve step programs in their facilities. Unfortunately, not as many churches take the important step of observing a Recovery Sunday each year. Clergy leaders are strongly encouraged to review the Recovery Sunday resources linked to this page and consider the ways in which a Recovery Sunday could minister to members of the community who are in recovery and those who have not yet taken the important step of addressing their addiction.

The Recovery Sunday materials are presented by the Recovery Commission of the diocese, led by the Rev. Brad Sullivan, which also hosts an annual Recovery Retreat and a clergy only online Twelve Step meeting. To learn more, please explore the resources linked to this page.

The Rev. Bradley Sullivan

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