Annual Reporting

An Introductory Message from Bishop Doyle

Starting in January 2023 in conjunction with the Annual Parochial Reports, the Diocese of Texas will begin requesting additional information from all congregations. Similar to the reporting of Christmas attendance, the diocese will begin asking for average weekly worship attendance, total visitors, first time visitors, and retained visitors. While the 2023 average weekly worship attendance number can be obtained via your service registers, the visitor counts will require potentially new tracking for your church beginning January 1, 2023. These new metrics will be submitted annually beginning with the 2023 parochial reports.

In addition, there will be some one-time census data gathered that will help us to track and refine shared diocesan goals. It will include counts of visitors by source (“How did you find us?”) and origin (“What is your faith background?”) as well as information about church mission, ministry, and demographics. This information will also help us identify where additional support and resources may be needed.

What will the tool for gathering metrics data be like?

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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions regarding the Metrics Collection Plan for 2023, please contact Canon Joann Saylors.

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