Ordination Process

The process and steps for ordination in the Diocese of Texas are based on the requirements outlined in the National Church Canons, Title III, Canons 6, 8 and 10. See pages 100-154

God’s call to Holy Orders is different for everyone. It begins a discernment process which is often challenging and confusing. Discernment is in community. It turns a personal journey into a public one in which the call is assessed at a local level and diocesan level.


The discernment process is a critical part of the journey to ordination.  Discernment takes place at two levels; local or regional and diocesan. It is realistic to allow at least one year to navigate through the process of discerning your call to Holy Orders.

The Discovery Weekend, while no longer mandatory, is highly recommended as a helpful step in the discernment process. 

A completed Application for Holy Orders is required by all those wishing to be nominated by their Vestry/Bishop’s Committee to be considered for:

  • priesthood (full-time, stipendiary) and bi-vocational (part-time, non-stipendiary),
  • the diaconate, and
  • clergy from other denominations wishing to become a priest in the Episcopal Church.

Applications for Holy Orders will only be released to Head of Congregations by  contacting Ana Gonzales. Requests made by potential applicants will be redirected to their Head of Congregation.

Application Process

September 1 is the deadline for submitting a completed Application Holy for Orders. Click here for detailed step by step process


Priesthood (full-time seminary trained and bi-vocational) 

Bi-vocational priest, additional information 

The Diaconate link to the role, description and expectations

The application deadlines are strictly observed. Therefore, it is advised that all portions of the application be submitted well in advance of the published deadline. Applications or incomplete applications received after the published deadline will not be processed.

Completed applications are reviewed by the Executive for Ministry to determine if the applicant moves forward in the process. 

Those approved to move forward will be scheduled to meet with the Commission on Ministry or the Committee for the Diaconate, as appropriate.

Please note a full background check, medical examination and psychological examination are required parts of the application.  Instructions will be provided by the Commission on Ministry office, at the appropriate time.

For stipendiary, full-time priesthood, if affirmed by the local/regional and diocesan discernment process, seminary selection will be made in conversation with and approval of the Executive for Ministry.

For non-stipendiary bi-vocational priests and deacons, The Iona School for Ministry provides education and training during its three-year program.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact:

Chair, Commission on Ministry:  The Rev. John Newton

Chair, Committee for the Diaconate:  The Rev. Jan Halstead  

Secretary, Commission on Ministry:  Ana Gonzales  

It is a privilege to share this journey with you. Our prayer is that God’s true call will be revealed in this discernment process

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