My Church Property has Experienced Storm Damage. Now What?

If storm damage occurs, it is best for congregations to reach out directly to Church Insurance. The number for Claims is 1-800-223-5705. Congregations can use Alacrity Contractor Services offered by Church Insurance. 

Most insurance companies now work with third party administrators (TPA’s) like Alacrity Services. These TPA’s help manage repairs on covered insurance losses. They also:  

  • Provide 24/7dispatch of fully insured qualified vendor for emergency services. 
  • Provide fully insured qualified general contractors to complete repairs.
  • TPA’s ensure compliance to program requirements, pricing, and warranties. 
  • Using the Alacrity will ease the difficulty of obtaining a qualified contractor. 

Often, church leadership describes the difficult task of identifying, selecting, and managing the various contractors required to complete the restoration work.

Note: Should you experience any damage, please be aware that with percentage deductibles, hurricane deductibles apply to all named storms.

Further questions can be directed to Jonathan Blaker via email or at 281-701-3153.

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