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Happening Texas

The Happening Experience
A Happening is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Through this experience, the Happening encourages participation in one's own parish and youth group. Is Christianity relevant to youth today? Can it penetrate the many areas of school life? Can it transform the world and keep up with changing times? The Happening movement thinks so. It does not propose a new type of spirituality but provides a method through which one's spirituality may be developed, nourished, lived, and shared in fellowship with Christians willing to dedicate their lives to God in an ongoing manner. The Happening movement believes that Jesus Christ has and will continue to make a difference in the world and in individual lives. Those attending Happening listen to thought-provoking and challenging talks given by members of the staff and clergy. These talks are designed to help the Happeners get to know God. After each talk, the opportunity is given for questions and discussion in small groups.

Instrument of Renewal
The Happening Movement is a powerful instrument of renewal in the Church. Its purpose is to concentrate closely on the person and teaching of Jesus Christ. Our faith is seriously examined in a relaxed, fun, informal, and loving atmosphere. The Happening weekend is an experience that gives those who attend the desire to understand and serve God through his Church.

Steering Committee
Happening utilizes a wonderful group of volunteers that comprise the steering committee.  The steering committee helps coordinate the three Happening weekends that occur each year. 

Lay Director
Kristin Sullivan

Grant Price
Lynette Huron

Dustin Durr

Elizabeth Loeschman


Angie Mireles-Paz

Spiritual Director
The Rev. Ashley Cook

Social Media Coordinator
Olivia Pope

Youth Representatives 
Zoe Ferris- Hughes
Elizabeth Yount
Ben Lewis
Lyla Clifford


2017 Calendar
September 8-10, 2017
November 17-19, 2017

Supplies Coordinator
Stormie Bryant