Missional Communities

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Missional Communities


Learn How to Start a Missional Community

You are invited to participate in online workshops designed to help you start missional communities. Each consecutive workshop is 1 hour. In preparation for each week, you will need to watch the video, download and read the corresponding tutorial sheet and list any questions you want to ask during the workshop. 

 Registration opens next month. 

registration closed


Missional: A Bible Study Series

The goal of this study series is to develop your curiosity around missional communities. We have built it to be flexible and practical. It can be done over 4-6 weeks for groups of various sizes and requires little as far as preparation and materials. 

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Jason Evans, 281.536.7435



Diocesan Council '17 Plenaries
  • Missional Hermeneutic, Francene Young (text/audio)
  • Missional Practices, Beth Magill (text/audio)
  • Missional Strategies, Jason Evans (text/audio)
Cultivate at Camp Allen '17