Episcopal Foundation of Texas

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Upon his death, H. H. Coffield left one-third of his estate to the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to be set aside as a permanent fund to support the ten institutions of the diocese and from time to time provide gifts, grants, loans or advances to the Bishop Quin Foundation. The Coffield Fund represents the largest portion of the Foundation’s assets.


Funds and contributions to the Foundation received exclusive of the Coffield Fund are set aside and appropriated for the purpose of providing financial support for religious, educational and charitable purposes to organizations of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.


Since 1982, nearly $50 million have been paid out in grants. With holdings in excess of $43 million, the Episcopal Foundation of Texas continues to honor the memory of its benefactor in its service to the people and institutions of the diocese.


The Episcopal Foundation of Texas
1225 Texas Ave. 
Houston, TX   77002-3504   
Toll Free: 800.318.4452  
Phone: 713.520.6444
Fax: 713.520.5723 

2011 - 2014 Board


President:  A. J. "Jack" Hurt, Jr. 
Vice President:  Linda Kelly
Secretary:  Betty Lehmberg
Treasurer:  Robert J. Biehl
Asnt. Secretary:  Nancy Lennard
Ex-Officio & Chair:  The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle