Hispanic Lay Leadership Conference

The annual Hispanic Lay Leadership Conference is held at Camp Allen, the retreat center of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Each year, leaders from Latino-Hispanic congregations and ministries within the diocese converge for a time of coexistence, prayer, learning, and sending. The conference takes place starting on a Friday afternoon and ending Saturday afternoon.

This special event provides an invaluable opportunity to meet and fellowship with nearly 300 leaders from all areas of the diocese who come together to share and learn from each other; join for prayer times, workshops, panels, and other activities.  There are numerous offerings to exchange ideas and become enlightened about various ministries within the diocese.

The conference of Hispanic lay leaders began in 2013 with only 30 participants. By 2023, that number had increased to almost 300 lay people! It is not only an event within itself, but it is also an essential element for the growth of Hispanic ministry within the diocese. To that end, one of the results of this conference, which is organized by the Commission on Hispanic Ministries, is that the diocese has realized more Hispanic Churches, missions, and lay leaders. 

In addition to having participants from the Hispanic churches in the Diocese of Texas, participants from several other dioceses across the United States, and both Central and South America also join this grand celebration of leadership. Strengthening Hispanic lay leadership, planting new Hispanic churches, involving more Latinos in decision-making groups in the diocese, and attracting new people to ordained ministry are all part of the dream we share when we assemble for this inclusive and vital event within the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

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