The Rt. Rev. Hector Monterroso Bishop Assistant

About Bishop Hector Monterroso

A native of Guatemala, the Rt. Rev. Hector Monterroso served as bishop of Costa Rica for 14 years before becoming a bishop assistant in the Diocese of Texas, July 1, 2017. 

“I learned a lot in Costa Rica,” “I learned to start new missions, I learned what God’s response means when we’re desperate, I learned to be patient and to wait for God’s answer, and I learned to use everything that God has given me to serve in the best manner I can,” the Bishop said, adding, “at each transition in my life, I have learned that God will never let me down.” 

Bishop Monterroso served as an acolyte as a child and was confirmed by Bishop Anselmo Carral (deceased), who previously served as assistant bishop in the Diocese of Texas. Bishop Monterroso earned a precision mechanics and industrial maintenance degree and worked for a rum company as the chief mechanic while he attended seminary at night. He left the company to plant a new Episcopal community to the chagrin of his work colleagues and despite the offer of a bonus and raise in salary. 

His father’s professional soccer career proved to be an opener for him in gathering people to a new worshiping community. “My training in the seminary did not include how to [plant] new churches,” he said, but with his inherited soccer skills, he soon made headway. “People couldn’t believe that a priest could play soccer. I visited many small towns where the people came to learn that I was the priest of the new church. Many young people came to the church to meet and to play on my soccer team. Eventually, we had our own soccer team sponsored by the Episcopal Church. It was good advertising,” he laughed.

In addition to his experience as a missionary and as Bishop of Costa Rica, Bishop Monterroso also served as Secretary General of Province IX (1986-2000); as editor of the Revista Anglicanos for 16 years, a magazine that served the Hispanic diaspora in the Anglican Communion; and as Secretary General of the Anglican Church of the Central Region of America 

He was ordained as a deacon in 1986, a priest in 1987 in the Diocese of Guatemala, and consecrated as the Bishop of Costa Rica on June 7, 2003. He and his wife, Sandra Cardona, have two grown children: María Beatriz, a geriatric doctor in Costa Rica, and Héctor Ramón, a water resources engineer. 

His current ministry includes the strengthening and growth of Hispanic congregations, new missional communities, and churches in the Diocese of Texas. He oversees the Southern Region of the Diocese and visits about 45 churches during the year. He serves as Chair of the board of directors of St. Vincent´s House, a social services agency in Galveston. He coordinates interfaith and ecumenical efforts, supports the process and development of a multicultural presence in the congregations of the Diocese and promotes the call to Ordained Ministry, identifying vocational leaders within the local Hispanic ministry.

In his free time, he practices soccer, basketball, ping pong and indoor cycling.

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