Diocesan Vision, Mission, and Core Values


As followers of Jesus Christ, we are One Church within the Anglican Communion and The Episcopal Church. All are sought and embraced in worship, mission, and ministry in a spirit of mutual love and respect.


We are one Church reconciled by Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, called by God through worship, witness, and ministry, building the Kingdom of God together.

Core Values / Valores Fundamentales

Grounded in our response to the Baptismal Covenant and Great Commission, the Churches, Schools, and Institutions of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas passionately hold these values:

Missionary Emphasis
Making Jesus Christ known with a missionary spirit that honors our heritage of growth and expansion

Education and Leadership
Forming disciples, both lay and clergy, to be effective agents of transformation

Meeting Human Needs
Bringing the love of Christ to hurting world

Responsive Stewardship
Caring for and dedication of our abundant resources to support the mission of the Church

Holy Excellence
Setting a standard for ministry driven by miraculous expectation

We are:

Our congregations and institutions are continually renewed and revitalized through the infusion and inclusion of younger members. Children, youth, young adults, their friends and families, find in our diocese significant and engaging programs and ministries that inspire, inform, and support them on their Christian journey.

Our diocese is enriched through intentional efforts to reflect the communities in which we live. People of diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds find respect, dignity, and opportunity in the life and ministry of the church.

Forming and Growing
Those seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus are nurtured and equipped to share the love of Christ in the world. They find lifelong opportunities for spiritual formation and servant leadership grounded in scripture and our historic catholic faith.

Reaching out to Serve
Those who serve and are served are transformed. People who are in need and who struggle, find hope, care, and restoration through the outreach and justice ministries provided by the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

One Church
We are a united, vibrant, healthy, and growing community of faith. The world will recognize us as Jesus’ disciples because we love one another as Christ loves us.

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