The Bishop Quin Foundation

The Bishop Quin Foundation is composed of a nine-member Board of Trustees with six lay and three clergy members reflecting the geographic diversity of the Diocese. Three trustees are appointed each year at Diocesan Council upon nomination of the Bishop of Texas. The term of service is three years, and trustees are eligible to serve no more than two consecutive terms. The Bishop of Texas and the Treasurer serve with voice and vote as Ex-Officio members. The Bishop Quin Foundation conducts four meetings per year. 

The Bishop Quin Foundation
1225 Texas Avenue
Houston, Texas 77002
Toll Free: 800.318.4452
Phone: 713.520.6444
Fax: 713.521.2218 

The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle

The Rev. Bill Fowler

Linda R. Mitchell

David Fisher

Assistant Secretary:
Angela Smith

To 2024
Robert Biehl,
St. Martin’s, Houston

Marcela Donadio, Palmer Memorial, Houston

The Rev. Michael Paul, St. Thomas’, Wharton

To 2025
Leslie Cleaver,
Christ Church Cathedral, Houston

The Rev. Cameron Nations, St. Richard’s, Round Rock Merrell

Anne Shearer,
St. David’s, Austin

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