The Church Corporation

The Church Corporation

The Protestant Episcopal Church Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, commonly known as the Church Corporation, is a nonprofit, benevolent and charitable corporation authorized to receive and administer funds and properties given to the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. In addition, through the Participating Funds, the Church Corporation also acts as a trustee in receiving and administering funds for the use and benefit of the churches in the diocese. The largest part of the Church Corporation’s holdings are the titles to the land and buildings of the churches of the diocese.

The Trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Church Council of the Diocese of Texas (“The Church Corporation”) manage assets for the Diocese and its institutions. Gifts for the benefit of churches or other Episcopal institutions are accepted and either distributed immediately or placed in a separate fund for that institution. If a fund were established distributions would be made in accordance with the donor’s wishes. Gifts may take different forms: cash, securities, real estate, mineral interests or life insurance policies. These gifts can provide current tax benefits to the donor and a permanent tribute if desired.

For information or assistance with gifts to the Church Corporation please contact David Fisher at the Diocesan Center (713.520.6444 or 800.318.4452). 

To 2023:
David Harvin, St. Martin’s, Houston

To 2024:
Mark Browning, St. Andrew’s, Bryan

To 2025:
The Rev. Sharron Cox, St. Martin’s, Houston

To 2026:
Steve Fallon, Holy Spirit, Waco

The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle

Mark Browning

Assistant Treasurer:
Linda Mitchell

Assistant Secretary:
Angela Smith

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