Easter Day is the annual feast of the resurrection. Faith in Jesus’ resurrection on the third day following his crucifixion is at the heart of Christian belief. Easter sets the experience of springtime next to the ancient stories of deliverance and the proclamation of the risen Christ. 

Bishop Andy Doyle of the Diocese of Texas has said, “The Easter message is clear: go to where the mission is; go to where the ministry is. Go and meet God there in the form of the risen Christ in friend and neighbor, in brother and sister.

“Worship God out in the world. Celebrate the risen Lord by aiding people with their doubt and with their seeking a living God; you have a role in helping others to find hope, experience hope, and live in hope.

“The message is clear: you are to love and act for the good of our neighbor. To love and forgive as God forgives – generously.”

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