Diocesan Calendar

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November 2019

Special Event - E360 Test11/11/19
YES (Youth Encounter Spirit) #13311/15/19
Happening #165Diocesan Youth Ministry11/15/19
Forgiveness WorkshopParish Services, Community11/16/19
Visitation - Grace, AlvinBishop Monterroso11/17/19
Confirmation Visitation-St. David's, AustinBishop Ryan11/17/19
Visitation-St. John the Divine; HoustonBishop Fisher11/17/19
Visitation - Grace, AlvinBishop Monterroso11/17/19
Visitation-St. John the Divine; HoustonBishop Fisher11/17/19
Visitation - Trinity, AnahuacBishop Monterroso11/24/19
Visitation- Good Shepherd, AustinBishop Ryan11/24/19
visitation-St. John's; CarthageBishop Fisher11/24/19
Visitation- St. Mary of Magdalene, ManorBishop Philip Duncan11/24/19

December 2019

Visitation - St. Paul's KatyBishop Monterroso12/01/19
Visitation- St. Francis, College StationBishop Philip Duncan12/01/19
Ordination of the Rev. Kyle CarswellBishop Fisher12/04/19
Confirmation Visitation-Christ Church CathedralBishop Ryan12/08/19
Visitation-Trinity; The WoodlandsBishop Fisher12/08/19
Visitation - St. Stephen's, HoustonBishop Monterroso12/08/19
Visitation- St. Peter's, BrenhamBishop Philip Duncan12/08/19
Bishop's Visitation - Christ Church, Tyler - South CampusBishop Doyle12/08/19
Bishop's Visitation - Texas A&M, College StationBishop Doyle12/09/19
Diocesan Executive Board MeetingDiocesan Meeting12/10/19
Ordination of the Rev, Jonathan McManus-Dail (in North Carolina)Clergy12/14/19
Visitation - All Saint's, HitchcockBishop Monterroso12/15/19
Visitation- Calvary, BastropBishop Philip Duncan12/15/19
Visitation-Christ Church; JeffersonBishop Fisher12/15/19
Visitation - Good Shepherd on the Hill, AustinBishop Ryan12/15/19
Midwinter Senior High RetreatDiocesan Youth Ministry12/26/19

January 2020

Visitation - SoCo Community, AustinBishop Ryan01/05/20
Ordination of the Rev. Bradley VarnellOrdination01/09/20
Diocesan Youth Presence Retreat01/11/20
Visitation - St. Michael's, LaMarqueBishop Monterroso01/12/20
Visitation - St. Bartholomew's, HempsteadBishop Ryan01/12/20
Visitation - St. Mark's, AustinBishop Ryan01/19/20
Visitation - University of Houston-Episcopal Canterburry, HoustonBishop Monterroso01/19/20
Visitation - Good Shepherd, FriendswoodBishop Monterroso01/26/20
Visitation - Resurrection, AustinBishop Ryan01/26/20
2020 College Retreat / Retiro Universitario 2020Camp Allen, College Ministries, Eventos en español01/31/20

February 2020

Visitation - Holy Trinity, DickinsonBishop Monterroso02/02/20
Visitation - Epiphany, BurnetBishop Ryan02/02/20
Visitation - Redeemer, HoustonBishop Monterroso02/02/20
171st Diocesan Council02/07/20
Visitation - Grace, HoustonBishop Monterroso02/09/20
Visitation - Christ Church, MexiaBishop Ryan02/09/20
Visitation - Christ Church, MatagordaBishop Ryan02/16/20
Visitation - St. Andrew's, PearlandBishop Monterroso02/16/20
Visitation - Texas A&M Episcopal Student Center, College StationBishop Monterroso02/20/20
Episcopal Auction 202002/21/20
Visitation - St. Andrew's, BryanBishop Ryan02/23/20
Visitation - St. George's, Texas CityBishop Monterroso02/23/20
Visitation - Epiphany, CalvertBishop Ryan02/23/20
Discovery RetreatCommission on Ministry02/28/20

March 2020

Visitation 1 of 2 - Calvary, BastropBishop Monterroso03/01/20
Visitation - Holy Cross, Sugar LandBishop Ryan03/01/20
Visitation 2 of 2 - Calvary, bastropBishop Monterroso03/01/20
Altar Guild RetreatAltar Guild03/05/20
Junior High RetreatDiocesan Youth Ministry03/06/20
Intermediate Retreat 2020Diocesan Youth Ministry03/06/20
Visitation - St. John's, LaPorteBishop Monterroso03/08/20
Visitation - St. John's, ColumbusBishop Monterroso03/15/20
Visitation - St. Christopher's, KilleenBishop Ryan03/15/20
Diocesan Executive Board MeetingDiocesan Meeting03/17/20
Visitation - Good Shepherd Indian, StaffordBishop Ryan03/22/20
Visitation 1 of 2 - San Pablo/St. Paul's, HoustonBishop Monterroso03/22/20
Visitation 2 of 2 - San Pablo/St. Paul's, HoustonBishop Monterroso03/22/20
Visitation 1 of 2 - St. Alban's (Manchaca), AustinBishop Monterroso03/29/20
Visitation - St. Michael's, AustinBishop Ryan03/29/20
Visitation 2 of 2 - St. alban's (Manchaca) AustinBishop Monterroso03/29/20

April 2020

Visitation - St. Martin's, HoustonBishop Monterroso04/05/20
Visitation - St. Francis', TempleBishop Ryan04/05/20
Visitation - St. Francis of Assisi, Prairie ViewBishop Ryan04/12/20
Visitation - San Pedro/St. Peter's, PasadenaBishop Monterroso04/12/20
Visitation - Sam Houston State University Campus Ministry, HuntsvilleBishop Doyle04/15/20
YES (Youth Encounter Spirit) #135Diocesan Youth Ministry04/17/20
Happening #167Diocesan Youth Ministry04/17/20
Visitation - St. Alban's, WacoBishop Ryan04/19/20
Visitation - St. Martin's, Copperas CoveBishop Monterroso04/19/20
Visitation - St. Joseph's, SaladoBishop Ryan04/26/20