Diocesan Calendar

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July 2019

Missionpalooza 2019Formation, Young Adult07/17/19
Episcopal Night at the BallparkDiocesan, Community07/19/19
Episcopal Strong 2019Local Outreach07/21/19
Discovery Retreat Commission on Ministry07/26/19

August 2019

ECW Board MeetingECW Episcopal Church Women08/02/19
EDOT Youth Pilgrimage Diocesan Youth Ministry08/03/19
Visitation- St. Isidore's, The WoodlandsBishop Fisher08/04/19
Confirmation Visitation-St. Stephen's, Liberty08/11/19
Visitation-St. John's; CenterBishop Fisher08/11/19
Visitation- St. Martin's, Copperas CoveBishop Philip Duncan08/11/19
Visitation - St. Christopher's, League CityBishop Monterroso08/18/19
Visitation-St. Paul's; WoodvilleBishop Fisher08/18/19
Visitation-St. Mary's, BellvilleBishop Philip Duncan08/18/19
Celebration of New Ministry- The Rev. Justin YawnBishop Ryan08/24/19
Wholly Foolishness: A Sabbath for Playing with WordsClergy08/24/19
Visitation - St. Thomas, WhartonBishop Monterroso08/25/19
Visitation- St. James', AustinBishop Philip Duncan08/25/19
Playground Blessing- Hoy Spirit, WacoBishop Ryan08/25/19
Visitation-Christ Church; San AugustineBishop Fisher08/25/19

September 2019

Visitation-St. Thomas', College StationBishop Philip Duncan09/01/19
Diocesan Executive Board MeetingDiocesan Meeting09/03/19
Happening #164Diocesan Youth Ministry09/06/19
Confirmation Visitation-St. John's, MarlinBishop Ryan09/08/19
Visitation - Trinity; JacksonvilleBishop Fisher09/08/19
ECW Outreach Grant Applications DueECW Episcopal Church Women09/11/19
Bishop's Visitation - Baylor University, WacoBishop Doyle09/12/19
Celebration of New Ministry-Rev. Eileen O'BrienBishop Ryan09/14/19
Confirmation Visitation-Christ Church, TempleBishop Ryan09/15/19
Visitation-St. Cuthbert's; HoustonBishop Fisher09/15/19
Visitation - St. Mark's, RichmondBishop Monterroso09/15/19
Visitation - St. Alban's, HoustonBishop Monterroso09/22/19
Confirmation Visitation-St. Matt's, AustinBishop Ryan09/22/19
Visitation-St. Paul's; OrangeBishop Fisher09/22/19
Discovery RetreatCommission on Ministry09/27/19
Texas Pauli Murray Scholarship Inaugural Fundraising Scholarship Gala09/28/19
Visitation - Santa Maria Virgen, HoustonBishop Monterroso09/29/19
Visitation-St. Aidan's; CypressBishop Fisher09/29/19
Small Church Network09/29/19
Retreat for Retired Clergy, Spouses, and Surviving Spouses09/30/19

October 2019

Visitation - Hope, HoustonBishop Monterroso10/06/19
Confirmation Visitation-Calvary, RichmondBishop Ryan10/06/19
Visitation- Holy Comforter; AngletonBishop Fisher10/06/19
ECW Annual Retreat10/11/19
Visitation-Trinity; LongviewBishop Fisher10/13/19
Confirmation Visitation-St. Philip's, HearneBishop Ryan10/13/19
Confirmation-St. Matthew's; HendersonBishop Fisher10/13/19
Visitation-St. Dunstan's; HoustonBishop Fisher10/20/19
Visitation - Christ Church, Eagle LakeBishop Monterroso10/20/19
Visitation-St. Dunstan's; HoustonBishop Fisher10/20/19
Clergy ConferenceConferences, Clergy10/21/19
Visitation- Church of the Cross, Lake TravisBishop Philip Duncan10/27/19
Visitation - St. Andrew's, HoustonBishop Monterroso10/27/19
Confirmation Visitation-Trinity, Marble FallsBishop Ryan10/27/19
Visitation-Trinity; GalvestonBishop Fisher10/27/19

November 2019

UTO Fall Ingathering11/03/19
Confirmation Visitation-Christ Church MatagordaBishop Ryan11/03/19
Visitation - Trinity, HoustonBishop Monterroso11/03/19
Visitation-Holy Comforter; SpringBishop Fisher11/03/19
Visitation-St. Isidore's; The WoodlandsBishop Fisher11/03/19
Youth Ministers Retreat11/07/19
Visitatation - Holy Apostles, KatyBishop Monterroso11/10/19
Visitation- St. Matthew's, AustinBishop Philip Duncan11/10/19
Confirmation Visitation-San MateoBishop Ryan11/10/19
Visitation-St. Martin's; HoustonBishop Fisher11/10/19
YES (Youth Encounter Spirit) #13311/15/19
Happening #165Diocesan Youth Ministry11/15/19
Visitation - Grace, AlvinBishop Monterroso11/17/19
Confirmation Visitation-St. David's, AustinBishop Ryan11/17/19
Visitation-St. John the Divine; HoustonBishop Fisher11/17/19
Visitation - Grace, AlvinBishop Monterroso11/17/19
Visitation-St. John the Divine; HoustonBishop Fisher11/17/19
Visitation - Trinity, AnahuacBishop Monterroso11/24/19
visitation-St. John's; CarthageBishop Fisher11/24/19
Visitation- St. Mary of Magdalene, ManorBishop Philip Duncan11/24/19

December 2019

Visitation - St. Paul's KatyBishop Monterroso12/01/19
Visitation- St. Francis, College StationBishop Philip Duncan12/01/19
Confirmation Visitation-Good Shepherd on the HillBishop Ryan12/01/19
Confirmation Visitation-Christ Church CathedralBishop Ryan12/08/19
Visitation-Trinity; The WoodlandsBishop Fisher12/08/19
Visitation - St. Stephen's, HoustonBishop Monterroso12/08/19
Visitation- St. Peter's, BrenhamBishop Philip Duncan12/08/19
Bishop's Visitation - Christ Church, TylerBishop Doyle12/08/19
Bishop's Visitation - Texas A&M, College StationBishop Doyle12/09/19
Diocesan Executive Board MeetingDiocesan Meeting12/10/19
Visitation - All Saint's, HitchcockBishop Monterroso12/15/19
Visitation- Calvary, BastropBishop Philip Duncan12/15/19
Visitation-Christ Church; JeffersonBishop Fisher12/15/19
Confirmation Visitation- Good Shepherd, AustinBishop Ryan12/15/19
Visitation - St. Philip the Evangelist, BellaireBishop Monterroso12/22/19
Midwinter Senior High RetreatDiocesan Youth Ministry12/26/19
Visitation - St. Michael's, LaMarqueBishop Monterroso12/29/19