Diocesan Calendar

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February 2023

Ordination of the Rev. Linda Celeste Geldreich Bishop Fisher, Ordination02/01/23
Ordination of the Rev. Jason EslickerOrdination02/02/23
Ordination of the Rev. Lizzie RobbinsOrdination02/02/23
Discovery Weekend - Youth & Young AdultsDiscovery Retreats02/03/23
Visitation - St. Francis', HoustonBishop Doyle02/05/23
Visitation - St. Francis', College StationBishop Ryan02/05/23
Visitation - St. Francis', HoustonBishop Doyle02/05/23
Ordination of the Rev. Meghan MazurOrdination02/07/23
Ordination of the Rev. Joy Miller Bishop Fisher, Ordination02/07/23
Ordination of the Rev. Katie GouldBishop Doyle, Ordination02/08/23
Ordination of the Rev. Alyssa StebbingBishop Doyle, Ordination02/11/23
Visitation - St. Mark's, AustinBishop Ryan02/12/23
Visitation - Trinity, The WoodlandsBishop Doyle02/12/23
Ordination of the Rev. Annelies G. MoeserBishop Ryan, Ordination02/18/23
Visitation - Good Shepherd Indian, StaffordBishop Ryan02/19/23
Visitation - St. Luke's, LindaleBishop Doyle02/19/23
Visitation - All Saints', StaffordBishop Ryan02/19/23
174th Diocesan Council - Galveston Island Convention CenterConferences02/24/23
Visitation - Trinity, HoustonBishop Ryan02/26/23
Visitation - Trinity, GalvestonBishop Doyle02/26/23

March 2023

Ordination of the Rev. Rhonda FanningBishop Doyle, Ordination03/04/23
Visitation - Christ Church, Eagle LakeBishop Doyle03/05/23
Visitation - Christ Church, Cedar ParkBishop Ryan03/05/23
Visitation - SoCo, AustinBishop Ryan03/05/23
Executive BoardDiocesan Meeting03/07/23
Visitation - St. John's, AustinBishop Doyle03/15/23
Visitation - Holy Innocents', MadisonvilleBishop Ryan03/19/23
Visitation - St. Francis', TylerBishop Doyle03/19/23
Visitation - St. Christopher's, HoustonBishop Doyle03/22/23
Visitation - St. Michael's, AustinBishop Ryan03/26/23
Visitation - Epiphany, BurnetBishop Doyle03/26/23

April 2023

Visitation - St. Alban's, AustinBishop Ryan04/02/23
Visitation - St. Martin's, Copperas CoveBishop Doyle04/02/23
Visitation - St. John's, PalaciousBishop Doyle04/06/23
Visitation - Christ Church, MatagordaBishop Doyle04/07/23
Visitation - Trinity, AnahuacBishop Doyle04/09/23
Visitation - All Saints', CrocketBishop Doyle04/16/23
Visitation - St. Mary's, HillsboroBishop Ryan04/16/23
Happening #176Diocesan Youth Ministry, Camp Allen04/21/23
Junior High RetreatDiocesan Youth Ministry, Camp Allen04/21/23
Visitation - St. Francis', TempleBishop Doyle04/23/23
Visitation - St. Mark's, RichmondBishop Ryan04/23/23
Visitation - St. Andrew's, BryanBishop Ryan04/30/23
Visitation - San Pedro/St. Peter's, PasadenaBishop Doyle04/30/23

May 2023

Visitation - Resurrection, AustinBishop Ryan05/07/23
Visitation - St. Mark's, HoustonBishop Doyle05/07/23
Discovery WeekendDiscovery Retreats05/12/23
Visitation - Christ Church Cathedral, HoustonBishop Ryan05/14/23
Visitation - St. Alban's, WacoBishop Ryan05/21/23
Visitation - St. Luke's on the Lake, AustinBishop Doyle05/21/23
Visitation - El Buen Pastor, WacoBishop Ryan05/21/23
Visitation - St. Mary's, BellvilleBishop Doyle05/28/23

June 2023

Visitation - Church of the Cross, Lake TravisBishop Ryan06/04/23
Visitation - Good Shepherd, AustinBishop Doyle06/04/23
Visitation - Christ Church, NacogdochesBishop Doyle06/11/23
Visitation - St. Matthew's, AustinBishop Ryan06/18/23
Visitation - Christ Church, San AugustineBishop Doyle06/18/23
Deacon OrdinationCommission on Ministry06/24/23
Visitation - St. Dunstan's, HoustonBishop Doyle06/25/23
Visitation - St. Peter's, BrenhamBishop Doyle06/29/23

July 2023

Visitation - St. Mary Magdalene, ManorBishop Ryan07/02/23