Diocesan Calendar

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November 2018

Wellness Circle11/15/18
YES (Youth Encounter Spirit) #129Diocesan Youth Ministry11/16/18
Happening #161Diocesan Youth Ministry11/16/18
Retiro espiritualHispanic Events, Eventos en español11/17/18
Visitation-St. John the Divine, Houston Bishop Doyle11/18/18
Visitation - San Mateo, BellaireBishop Monterroso11/18/18
Visitation-Trinity; MarshallBishop Fisher11/18/18
Visitation-St. Paul's, WacoBishop Philip Duncan 11/18/18
Visitation - St. Mary's, West ColumbiaBishop Monterroso11/25/18
Visitation-Trinity, Houston Bishop Doyle11/25/18
NE Harris Conv. Clericus-Special SessionBishop Doyle11/29/18
Discovery RetreatCommission on Ministry11/30/18

December 2018

Visitation, Christ Church Cathedral, Houston Bishop Doyle12/02/18
Visitation - St.Augustine of Hippo; GalvestonBishop Monterroso12/02/18
Visitation-Christ Church; JeffersonBishop Fisher12/02/18
Twelve Moments: Justice with the Rev. Francene YoungCommission on Ministry12/05/18
Austin Area Clergy Christmas Party12/07/18
Beaumont Area Clergy Christmas Party12/07/18
Houston Area Clergy Christmas Party12/07/18
Esperando al SeñorEventos en español12/08/18
Visitation - St. Joseph's; SaladoBishop Monterroso12/08/18
Visitation-Good Shepherd, AustinBishop Philip Duncan 12/09/18
Visitation-Trinity, The WoodlandsBishop Doyle12/09/18
NW Convocation Clergy Christmas PartyClergy12/13/18
Celebration of New Ministry - Bishop Hector MonterrosoBishop Monterroso12/13/18
Galveston Area Clergy Christmas PartyClergy12/14/18
Tyler Area Clergy Christmas Party12/14/18
Visitation-St. John's; CarthageBishop Fisher12/16/18
Visitation-Trinity, Jacksonville Bishop Doyle12/16/18
Visitation-St. John's; CarthageBishop Fisher12/16/18
Lessons and Carols Evensong Parish Services, Community12/16/18
The Longest Night: A Holy Eucharist for Holiday Blues12/19/18
SW Conv. ClericusBishop Doyle12/20/18
E&W Harris Area Clergy Christmas Party12/20/18
ECW Outreach Grant Applications DueECW Episcopal Church Women12/21/18
ECW Outreach Grant Applications Due12/23/18
Visitation-St. Andrew's, BryanBishop Philip Duncan 12/23/18
Clergy Family R&R CampDiocesan, Clergy12/27/18
Midwinter Senior High RetreatDiocesan Youth Ministry12/27/18
Visitation-Holy ComforterBishop Philip Duncan 12/30/18

January 2019

Suffragan Bishop WalkaboutsDiocesan Meeting , Pre-Council01/05/19
Visitation-St. Michael's All Angles; LongviewBishop Fisher01/06/19
Ordination of Korey WrightBishop Fisher01/10/19
Diocesan Youth Delegate RetreatDiocesan Youth Ministry01/11/19
Happening #162Formation, Young Adult Ministry, Young Adult01/11/19
Ordination of Elizabeth MillerBishop Fisher01/11/19
Visitation-St. Paul's; KilgoreBishop Fisher01/13/19
Ordination of Mary KeenanBishop Fisher01/16/19
Ordination of Michele BonnerBishop Fisher01/17/19
Brotherhood of St Andrew Annual MeetingBrotherhood of St. Andrew01/19/19
Visitation-Christ Church; MexiaBishop Fisher01/20/19
ECW Board MeetingECW Episcopal Church Women01/25/19
2019 College Retreat01/25/19
Visitation-Good Shepherd; TomballBishop Fisher01/27/19
Installation-The Rev. Susan D. Comer01/30/19

February 2019

Visitation-St. Stephen's; HuntsvilleBishop Fisher02/03/19
Visitation-Grace Episcopal; HoustonBishop Fisher02/10/19
Visitation-Redeemer; HoustonBishop Fisher02/10/19
Visitation-St. Andrew's; PearlandBishop Fisher02/17/19
Diocesan Council 2019Conferences02/21/19
Bishop Suffragan ElectionConferences, Diocesan Meeting 02/22/19
Episcopal High School Auction 2019Fundraiser02/22/19
Visitation-St. James'; ConroeBishop Fisher02/24/19

March 2019

Spring Assembly of The Daughters of the KingDaughters of the King03/01/19
Junior High RetreatDiocesan Youth Ministry03/01/19
Intermediate Retreat 2019Diocesan Youth Ministry03/01/19
Visitation-St. Andrew's; BryanBishop Fisher03/03/19
Visitation-All Saints'; CrockettBishop Fisher03/10/19
Altar Guild RetreatAltar Guild03/14/19
Discovery RetreatCommission on Ministry03/15/19
Visitation-Trinity; JasperBishop Fisher03/24/19
ECW Outreach Grant Applications Due ECW Episcopal Church Women03/25/19
Visitation-Good Shepherd; KingwoodBishop Fisher03/31/19

April 2019

Visitation-Holy Comforter; SpringBishop Fisher04/14/19
Visitation-St. Luke's; LindaleBishop Fisher04/21/19
ECW Executive Board MeetingECW Episcopal Church Women04/26/19
YES (Youth Encounter Spirit) #131Diocesan Youth Ministry04/26/19
Happening #163Diocesan Youth Ministry04/26/19
Visitation-St. Alban's; WacoBishop Fisher04/28/19